J-Rock Fridays Vol. 72

June 1, 2012

Another round of wacky and zany music videos from Japan.

0.8 Byo no Shogeki.- “Lasagna”

Bath time! Weird Byo no Shogeki is back with a sexy video although glasses gets the last laugh.

Jeronimo Brothers- “Mentai Corporation, Pt. 1”

Two naked dudes hovering over sushi. Who’s hungry now?

Czecho No Republic- “Dinosaur”

New mini-album coming out soon from one of my favorite indie pop groups. Not quite Jurassic Park but we can’t all walk with dinosaurs.

Straightener- “Synchro”

This week’s most Tumbled video, although some visual kei bands came close. Shake hands and listen to “Synchro” from Straightener’s new acoustic album Soft.

uminecosounds- “Jiri Jiri”

Mr. Jiri is sweating buckets. Maybe he should ask a doctor about his gland condition before scaring off little girls.

six- “Cobb”

I just started watching that White Heat show on the BBC America and am finding the 60s style dresses very attractive.

Karasu- “Tenshi To Akuma”

An elaborate Beauty and the Beast meets Phantom of the Opera kind of video. But who’s the angel and who’s the devil?

Yucca- “Xylophonic Stream”

Dance time with Yucca. We don’t hear enough xylophones in music. Thanks for that.

Akira Ishige- “Red Cat (Your Melody)

Why yes, it is the telephones frontman singing a real slow song about cats. Nice to hear musicians branch out but I rather hear him screaming.

killing Boy- “you and me ,pills”

Another one of those “let’s wear horse and pig masks” videos we get almost every week. Never gets old.

lynch.- “A Flare”

Sit down with your laptop log on to your YouTube and watch lynch. shamelessly promote that Sevencore video game.

Sunset Bus- “Give Me Summer”

It’s officially summer and Sunset Bus has the early anthem.


Band Links

0.8 Byo no Shogeki: web, CD Japan

Akira Ishige: web, CD Japan

Czecho No Rebublic: web, CD Japan

Jeronimo Brothers: web

Karasu: web, CD Japan

killing Boy: myspace, CD Japan

lynch.: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

six: web

Straightener: web, CD Japan

Sunset Bus: web, CD Japan

uminecosounds: web, CD Japan

Yucca: web, download

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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