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naff idea does not end yet

June 27, 2012

myspace band of the week

Nidney aka naff idea does not end yet is an unsigned indie band that formed in 2010. The five-piece includes Teppy (guitar, vocals), Mari (guitar), HSM (bass), Yuzo (drums) and one more guy they don’t mention on myspace. Their first EP The Way To Be Happy was self-produced and is only available at Diskunion. Read the rest of this entry ?


Stuff To Look Forward To, June 2012

June 27, 2012

Summer magic.

6/06 0.8 Byo no Shogeki- Vertical J.M. Yayayodo EP (CD Japan)

6/06 Alternative Medicine- Forget About It

6/06 amazarashi- Love Song (CD Japan)

6/06 The Back Horn- Liv Squall (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 Boom Boom Satellites- Broken Mirror (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 The Calendar of Happy Days- Masshiro na Dress ni (CD Japan)

6/06 Conny with Goggle-A- Go Go Girl to Twist Boy (CD Japan)

6/06 Czecho No Republic- Dinosaur (CD Japan)

6/06 friendly hearts of Japan- ST (CD Japan)

6/06 Head Phones President- Stand in the World (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 hidavicious- Blues (CD Japan)

6/06 hotspring- Void (CD Japan)

6/06 Hotsquall- Driving Squall (CD Japan)

6/06 Jeronimo Brothers- Mentai Corporation, Part 1

6/06 killing Boy- Destroying Beauty (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 knotlamp- Across My World (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 mudy on the sakuban- Zyacalanda (CD Japan)

6/06 The Nampa Boys- Plunge (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 Nezumi Hanabi- Shougeki to Ballade (CD Japan)

6/06 Nihon Madonna- Band Yamero (CD Japan)

6/06 Not A Name Soldiers- Resist Flags (CD Japan)

6/06 Secret 7 Line- Now Here To Nowhere (CD Japan)

6/06 Shonen Knife- Pop Tune (CD Japan, Amazon)

6/06 The Skippers- Stand Kids In Positive (CD Japan)

6/06 SiMoN- High Heel (CD Japan)

6/06 Sister Jet- Young Blue (CD Japan)

6/06 Shit Happening- No Rain No Rainbow (CD Japan)

6/06 Stompin’ Bird- Demo Tracks 2012

6/06 Sunset Bus- Sunset Bus (CD Japan)

6/06 TV-ADDICTIONS- TV Victim’s Requiem (CD Japan)

6/06 uminecosounds- uminecosounds (CD Japan)

6/06 Wienners- Jugoya Satellite (CD Japan)

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