Stuff To Look Forward To, June 2012

June 27, 2012

Summer magic.

6/06 0.8 Byo no Shogeki- Vertical J.M. Yayayodo EP (CD Japan)

6/06 Alternative Medicine- Forget About It

6/06 amazarashi- Love Song (CD Japan)

6/06 The Back Horn- Liv Squall (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 Boom Boom Satellites- Broken Mirror (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 The Calendar of Happy Days- Masshiro na Dress ni (CD Japan)

6/06 Conny with Goggle-A- Go Go Girl to Twist Boy (CD Japan)

6/06 Czecho No Republic- Dinosaur (CD Japan)

6/06 friendly hearts of Japan- ST (CD Japan)

6/06 Head Phones President- Stand in the World (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 hidavicious- Blues (CD Japan)

6/06 hotspring- Void (CD Japan)

6/06 Hotsquall- Driving Squall (CD Japan)

6/06 Jeronimo Brothers- Mentai Corporation, Part 1

6/06 killing Boy- Destroying Beauty (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 knotlamp- Across My World (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 mudy on the sakuban- Zyacalanda (CD Japan)

6/06 The Nampa Boys- Plunge (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 Nezumi Hanabi- Shougeki to Ballade (CD Japan)

6/06 Nihon Madonna- Band Yamero (CD Japan)

6/06 Not A Name Soldiers- Resist Flags (CD Japan)

6/06 Secret 7 Line- Now Here To Nowhere (CD Japan)

6/06 Shonen Knife- Pop Tune (CD Japan, Amazon)

6/06 The Skippers- Stand Kids In Positive (CD Japan)

6/06 SiMoN- High Heel (CD Japan)

6/06 Sister Jet- Young Blue (CD Japan)

6/06 Shit Happening- No Rain No Rainbow (CD Japan)

6/06 Stompin’ Bird- Demo Tracks 2012

6/06 Sunset Bus- Sunset Bus (CD Japan)

6/06 TV-ADDICTIONS- TV Victim’s Requiem (CD Japan)

6/06 uminecosounds- uminecosounds (CD Japan)

6/06 Wienners- Jugoya Satellite (CD Japan)

6/10 kindan no tasuketsu- 禁断の予告編 (Jet Set)

6/12 uhnellys- ST (Jet Set)

6/13 aoki laska- It’s You (CD Japan)

6/13 Bugy Craxone- Joyful Joyful (CD Japan)

6/13 The Cavemans- Diamond (CD Japan)

6/13 The Earth Earth- dead matador’s funeral

6/13 Five New Old- Love Sick (CD Japan)

6/13 kameleo- Shinjuku (CD Japan)

6/13 Straightener- Soft (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/13 VA- L’arc~en~ciel Tribute (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/20 √thumm- mimoro (CD Japan)

6/20 3style- Japanese Anomie (CD Japan)

6/20 cinema staff- Into the Green (CD Japan)

6/20 Eiko Ishibashi- Imitation of Life (CD Japan)

6/20 Plastic Tree- Kuchizuke (CD Japan)

6/20 Rondonrats.- Cosmic City (CD Japan)

6/20 The Selectionz- First Selection (CD Japan)

6/20 TK from Ling Tosite Sigure- Flowering (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/20 toe- The Future Is Now (CD Japan)

6/20 Toy- Magic Labyrinth (CD Japan)

6/20 Urbangarde- Yameru Idol (CD Japan)

6/21 Tokyo Chaos City- You’re Dead and You Just Don’t Know It (bandcamp)

6/22 De De Mouse- Faraway Girl

6/25 TGMX- Music Library (CD Japan)

6/27 Ashigaru Youth- Hello My Yesterday’$ (CD Japan)

6/27 CLASICKS- Threat of Human Life (CD Japan)

6/27 DadaD- Mission Passion (CD Japan)

6/27 Gacharic Spin- Nudirism (CD Japan)

6/27 INORAN- Dive Youth, Sonik Dive (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/27 HINTO- She See Sea (CD Japan)

6/27 lynch.- Inferiority Complex (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/27 Passepied- Onomimono (CD Japan)

6/27 Say My Name.- Just OK!!! (CD Japan)

6/27 Su Xing Cyu- Omuro Never Knows (CD Japan)

6/27 tacica- Jibun (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/27 VA- Nan0 Mugen Compilation 2012 (CD Japan)

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