J-Rock Fridays Vol. 77

August 10, 2012

Finally getting cool weather in Chicago. Let’s hope it lasts through the weekend!

Teen Runnings- “Make It Better”

Friends decided to get back together again to rerelease their debut record as Teen Runnings. “Make It Better” was on the original and remains a fun surf pop song with a complementary waves and beach party video courtesy of VIDEOTAPEMUSIC.

The Cat Loves Strawberries- “Super Star”

It’s funny how the short haired girl from mystery band kindan no tasuketsu is showing up in everything now that I’m not looking, but this is the Hiro show. Just like her previous band ketchup mania, Strawberries provides more girly punk rock that makes you go kawaii.

Chuck G. & The Napkins- “Your Soul”

Third myspace band of the week video in a row! “Your Soul” is their first single for a label they don’t own. I think it would make a great anime theme! I can see Gundams flying right now.

kidori kidori- “NUKE?”

Did kidori kidori write a political song about the nuclear crisis in Japan? Whatever the case it’s catchy as hell.

2side1BRAIN- “You Sang”

Like I mentioned on their last video, 2side1BRAIN reminds me of Underoath and all the great Tooth & Nail/Solid State bands circa 2004. Not many bands can transport me back in time but 2side1BRAIN is definitely one of the best screamo bands out there today.

Tokyo Karankoron- “Nakimushi Fighter”

Oh no! Tokyo Karankoron signs to avex and they turn them into moe cheerleaders…ugh.

The Predators- “Crazy Babar”

Babar is the king of the elephants, not a puppy! Don’t mess with my children’s cartoons. Another Predators song that might as well be a pillows song but at least they’re not ripping off Nirvana again…wait.


ROTTENGRAFFTY do the D.A.N.C.E. with a raging geisha. It’s a dubstepping good time.

androp- “Boohoo”

Don’t cry. Androp’s PV may look like a boring performance vid but it soon bursts into RGB colors. The three colors represents the three different sides of androp although they only display the rock.

Kyoko- “Time Limit”

Kyoko has been in the pop game for 20 years but is now trying out rock with the help of The Okamoto’s and super sexy lingerie.

Salmagundi- “Sonagi Naerin Dui”

Salmagundi is a Japan based post rock duo with roots in Korea and the United States. The video for “Sonagi” turns this peaceful track into an uncomfortable tale of school bullying with clips from the film Memem, which I can’t find on IMDB or anything else for that matter.

Mono- “Legend: A Journey Through Iceland”

Mono is at it again with another epic 12 minute video this time showcasing the serene landscapes of Iceland. What a beautiful planet we live on!


Band Links

2side1BRAIN: CD Japan, web

androp: CD Japan, web

The Cat Loves Strawberries: CD Japan, web

Chuck G & The Napkins: CD Japan, web

kidori kidori: CD Japan, web

Kyoko: CD Japan, web

Mono: Amazon, CD Japan, Temporary Residence, web

The Predators: CD Japan, web


Salmagundi: CD Baby, Facebook

Teen Runnings: CD Japan, Facebook

Tokyo Karankoron: CD Japan, web

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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