The Boicotts

August 15, 2012

myspace band of the week

The Boicotts is the brain child of vocalist/guitarist Manabu Sugar from Tokyo. Sugar formed the band in 2003 and released their first single “Do the Boicotts” on his own label Meet Beat Records in 2004. After a successful Japanese tour, Sugar snuck off to London to book gigs but was kicked out. Eventually he got a visa and lived in the UK for a few years. The Boicotts resumed in Japan in 2011 and its current members are Manabu Sugar (vocals, guitar), Natsuki (guitar), Tomy (bass), and new members Popo (drums) and Yossuxi (accordian, ex-The Cherry Coke$).

UK label Trashmouth Recordings released The Boicotts first EP last year and will release their first album Apple Has No Pips on August 20. Buy it at Amazon or your favorite digital retailer.


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