J-Rock Fridays Vol. 79

September 7, 2012

Back for another dose!

sakanaction- “Yoru no Odoriko”

Sakanaction is rocking out in traditional Japanese garb with a couple of geishas in front of oh powerful Mt. Fuji in this slow zoom-in video. In typical sakanaction fashion, the song explodes around the midway point when we start getting close-ups of the vocalist’s hilarious eye makeup. Another sakanaction single that will make you dance all night.

Ogre You Asshole- “Yoru no Fune”

Ogre You Asshole disappointed us all with major shakeups in their sound on last year’s homely. Instead of psyching us again with a rock single, OYA took the more honest route and gave us this chillout single. It’s not horrible but I’ll never be excited for another OYA album again.

10-FEET- “Kohaku no Sora”

10-FEET is living the festival life in this straightlaced performance clip. It’s also the theme to some yankee movie. If you prefer the sillier side of 10-FEET, they also filmed themselves in their underwear and made a rude blackface video.

Nabowa- “Kyou no Sora”

Nabowa is making some very pretty music in their dingy studio apartment. Perfect for laying in the fields and cloud gazing, instead.

Akihiro Namba- “Stop the 54”

No nukes! Japan’s punk rock community has been increasingly vocal about the nuclear crisis and it’s finally reached the big guns. Will the government listen? Who knows.

Waka- “The Shadow Behind Your Smile”

Waka dons the pig mask and teaches us a thing or two about capitalism and greed in this metal tune. Politics! Can’t escape it.

Stereo Heart- “Your Gravity Takes Me”

Who isn’t a sucker for a sweet pop punk tune? It’s nice to see Stereo Heart has a female drummer, too.

Lighter190E- “Pandora”

Lighter190E has a secret but she’s being coy and won’t tell us. Apparently it will open a Pandora’s box full of hurt.

Alfred Beach Sandal- “Summer Sale”

Well, it’s September but the hellfires of July remain. Might as well go shopping with Alfred Beach Sandal who wrote this really catchy sales tune. I hope to hear this in a Sears or Macy’s commercial one day.

LLLL- “Drowned Fish”

LLLL is the latest Tokyo band to receive overseas blog attention and it’s easy to see why with this hauntingly beautiful video.

Cokehead Hipsters- “Never Be the Same”

This is exactly the same kind of music the Cokehead Hipsters have been making the last 20 years! Well, as long as they’re having fun.

the guitar plus me- “City Pop”

The city has turned into a video game and it’s up to our hero to dodge and jump the popos. It’s the kind of video you’d expect from a chiptune artist, but the guitar plus me keep’s strumming his guitar (with minimal electronic beeps).


Band Links:

10-FEET: web, CD Japan

Akihiro Namba: web, CD Japan

Cokehead Hipsters: web, CD Japan

the guitar plus me: myspace

Lighter190E: web, CD Japan

LLLL: facebook, bandcamp

Nabowa: web, CD Japan

Ogre You Asshole: web, CD Japan

sakanaction: web, CD Japan

Stereo Heart: web, CD Japan

Waka: web, Amazon

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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