Pirates Canoe

September 12, 2012

myspace band of the week

Pirates Canoe is a 6-piece folk band from the Kansai region. The girls, Reika Hunt (guitar, vocals), Sara Kohno (mandolin) and Kanako Keyaki (fiddle), play as a trio in a monthly show called Kamogawa Michigan at various cafes and bars in Kyoto. The boys, Kazuhiko Iwaki (resophonic guitar), Jun Taniguchi (bass) and Takashi Yoshioka (drums), play with the girls at another monthly show called Hyokkori Party at a live house named Jittoku. They’ve been playing as a full band since 2009 and focus on Americana and roots-based music.

Their self-titled EP was released in 2011 and their followup EP Pirates Canoe, Too was released earlier this year. Both are available internationally at CD Baby.


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