J-Rock Fridays Vol. 81

October 5, 2012

Bright and early!

Straightener- “From Noon Till Dawn”

Straightener is here to rock with the help of Tabu Zombie from SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS and Kunikazu Tanaka on glorious sax. A song so epic it could only be the opening theme to the RPG-style live action drama Yusha Yoshihiko Chapter 2.

Kaishin no ICHIGEKI- “Judas”

Kaishin no ICHIGEKI respects Lady Gaga and they do her proud with their Japanese language version of “Judas.”

The XX’s- “Hana Kichi Guy”

I’m sure a lot of people are going to confuse The XX’s with the xx, but if you prefer screamy girl vocals and horse masks I’d go with this band.

Lifeshop- “I Don’t See”

Lifeshop doesn’t see or feel but they can sure whip up a catchy tune.

Pop Disaster- “Calling”

Pop Diaster’s ode to “Stay Together For the Kids.” Breathtaking visuals/aerial zooms. I’d like to see this location on Life After People or something.

N’Shukagawa Boys- “Homework”

Homework. Kids have it. Sometimes adults. Might as well watch the new N’Shukagawa Boys video first. It’s Friday!

kyojaku- “Affection”

All girl post rock band kyojaku decided to call on vocaloid Hatsune Miku to sing on their new single. A bit puzzling, but it’s cute I guess.

Brahman- “Keisei”

Cats go nya! in Brahman’s “Keisei,” which sees the band go back to its hardcore roots.

Zigzo- “I’m in Love”

Supergroup Zigzo, featuring ex members of Malice Mizer and L’arc~en~ciel, is back after a 10 year absence. What better way to celebrate than lighting a man on fire?

Suck A Stew Dry- “Kasa”

Grab your umbrella. There’s so many flowers on SASD’s shirts it’s bound to pour eventually.

Shinsei Kamatte Chan- まぼろし大好きっ!

Sometimes I wonder how Kamatte Chan wound up signing to a major so early in their career with earsplitting singles like this.

9mm Parabellum Bullet- “Scream For the Future”

Sometimes shorter is better and I certainly don’t expect 9mm to scream for a full two minutes.

Bo Ningen- “Henkan”

Bo Ningen mainly operates in the UK, but there’s plenty of Japan weirdness going on here.


Band Links

9mm Parabellum Bullet: web, CD Japan

Bo Ningen: web, Amazon, Stolen

Brahman: web, CD Japan

Kaishin no ICHIGEKI: web

kyojaku: web, Darla

Lifeshop: web, CD Japan

N’Shukagawa Boys: web, CD Japan

Pop Disaster: web, CD Japan

Shinsei Kamatte Chan: web, CD Japan

Straightener: web, CD Japan

Suck A Stew Dry: web, CD Japan

The XX’s: web, CD Japan

Zigzo: web, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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