J-Rock Fridays Vol. 83

November 2, 2012

It’s here!

The Novembers- “Harem”

What better way to start the month of November than with a brand new PV from The Novembers? Another solid shoegazy track from the band and a cool video with a dancing gypsy while the boys admire and give their best Twilight poses in the woods.

Czecho No Republic- “Ivory”

CNR’s korg is set to accordion, which gives “Ivory” a cozy, wintery feel. They also have a new band member who shakes a tambourine and just stands around looking pretty. Eye candy!

Yutaka Furukawa- “Beast”

Doping Panda was epic dance rock, but now that they’re broken up frontman Yutaka Furukawa is rocking with multiple versions of himself. Because this sounds like just another fun Doping Panda single, we’re excited for his solo album due out next year.

Pay Money To My Pain- “Sweetest Vengeance”

PMTMP rips the space time continuum with a vengeance in this new single off their first “best of” album. Unfortunately, it might be their last as they decided to pause all activities due to vocalist K’s health issues.

matryoshka- “Monotonous Purgatory”

This is something I’ve been impatiently waiting for since Virgin Babylon signed matryoshka a few years ago. A chillingly beautiful song and one of the best directed PVs this year.

Love Me Tender- “Mescaliter”

There’s something about “Mescaliter” that’s made me hit repeat a dozen times over the past two weeks. I’m guessing it’s just the sax. It’s not crazy like Miila and the Geeks or 6eyes but soothing like in old school movie soundtracks.

Swim Sweet Under Shallow- “Safari”

Halloween’s over but Swim Sweet still has a treat for you. The title track off their free EP is full of pulse driving indie rock and zoo animals and is free so go get it.

KiLLKiLLS- “Rollin”

Speaking of Halloween, KiLLKiLLS’ druid costumes would have made for a great entry in a J-Rock Fridays Halloween themed party. What did you dress up as for Halloween? I wore my Batman t-shirt to work. Sadly, the only person who beat me was the guy in a Spiderman hoodie.

People in the Box- “Dance, Dance, Dance”

People’s new single is more of a slow dance number but this watercolor-esque video is beautiful to look at.

Shakalabbits- “Jammin”

Shakalabbits invites their ska friends over for a colorful jam session. Just your average roof party video.

Radwimps- “Sprechchor”

Three months later, the full version of “Sprechchor” is finally up. A lot of cool found footage, old roller coasters, things exploding, etc.

The Turquoise- “Nowhere Boy”

Who’s that British looking dude? It’s Kay Naoe from OCEANLANE who is apparently on indefinite hiatus (don’t know how I missed that). We also have Ogawa Hironaga of Tsubaki so supergroup!


Band Links

Czecho no Republic: web, CD Japan

KiLLKiLLS: web, CD Japan

Love Me Tender: web

matryoshka: web, buy

The Novembers: web, CD Japan

Pay Money To My Pain: web, CD Japan

People in the Box: web, CD Japan

Radwimps: web, CD Japan

Shakalabbits: web, CD Japan

Swim Sweet Under Shallow: web, download

The Turquoise: web, CD Japan

Yutaka Furukawa: web

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