J-Rock Fridays Vol. 88

January 11, 2013

We’re not done with the best videos of 2012, but we needed to take a break to highlight the new videos of 2013 so we don’t fall behind. Some sad news, it was just announced K from Pay money To my Pain passed away on December 30. You will be missed!

Shugo Tokumaru- “Call”

A whimsical advertisement from the clothing label FRAPBOIS. Normally they make music videos with real people wearing their designs, but for some reason they decided to go the animated route for their 2013 catalog. I can’t imagine this will lead to more sales, but Shugo Tokumaru just released a great new album everyone’s talking about so at least they got their name out there.

Keishi Tanaka- “Wonderful Seasons”

Keishi Tanaka has kept busy since his band Riddim Saunter broke up in 2011, releasing a solo EP and an album as part of the supergroup The Dekits last year. Now Tanaka is ready to release his debut solo album. “Wonderful Seasons” is a happy little song celebrating the little things in life.

Shintaro Sakamoto- “From the Dead”

Bongos and horns! Shintaro Sakamoto has woken up the walking dead with his funky new single. It seems they rather dance than cause a ruckus though.

Ken Yokoyama- “Save Us”

It’s a war zone in “Save Us.” Ken and his band take up machine guns and head to the middle eastern desert to shoot them some terrorists. Speaking of which, the Bin Laden movie Zero Dark Thirty is finally in theatres today. Gotta go see that this weekend!

The Bawdies- “Sing Your Song”

You got to got to listen to this rock and roll band sing a song. If you don’t know who they are, they only flash “The Bawdies” like a hundred times in this video. Watch them play poker and bowl on a wall!

ONE OK ROCK- “Deeper Deeper”

Apparently this song is used in the CM for Suzuki Swift Sport. However, ONE OK ROCK decided to skip the sport cars and film this video in a prison cell like a real rock band. They might be safer in there with all the alien metal balls floating around!

DOLL$BOXX- “Monopoly”

Gacharic Spin’s drummer decides she wants to sing and challenges Ms. Light Bringer to a game of cards! Who will keep the band and who will sit at the bar alone?

sleepy.ab- “Euphoria”

Have sleepy.ab fallen back down to Earth? Their last few albums were very dull, but “Euphoria” is a surprisingly rocking tune. Most likely attributed to the fact that they left Pony Canyon and are indie again. Major labels kill bands!

Elen Never Sleeps- “Silver”

So there’s this guy on YouTube who splices together old film footage to make music videos for bands. Memory 36 Recordings contacted him for their newest release by dreamy bedroom pop artist Elen Never Sleeps. Always nice to see western labels take notice of Japanese bands, especially small outfits like this.

Wednesday- “Mr. Free”

If you ever have a free day, you could always take a train out to the beach. It may be too cold to swim but you could always take a long walk or visit the touristy places.

Tokyo Sicks- “Dreamin'”

A crazy hostage video with a princess and her boyfriend who comes blazing in with a machine gun and still manages to get beaten to a pulp.


Band Links

The Bawdies: web, CD Japan

DOLL$BOXX: web, CD Japan

Elen Never Sleeps: bandcamp, Memory Tapes

Keishi Tanaka: web, CD Japan

Ken Yokoyama: web, CD Japan

ONE OK ROCK: web, CD Japan

Shintaro Sakamoto: web, CD Japan

Shugo Tokumaru: web, Polyvinyl

sleepy.ab: web, CD Japan

Tokyo Sicks: web

Wednesday: web

Check out new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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