J-Rock Fridays Vol. 94

April 5, 2013

Another column of videos I already featured on Tumblr! It’s okay, but I’d like to get some love on my real blog every once in a while too. By the way, I finally added “J-Rock Explosion” to our header image. Maybe I’ll change it again in another 6 years…

a flood of circle- “Dancing Zombiez”

The Walking Dead may have ended its season last Sunday, but the walkers have decided to “dance” for a special J-Rock video. Will a flood of zombies eat this rock trio or get a drum stick to the eye?

uhnellys- 「体温」

Rap/rock duo uhnellys takes us on an emotional ride as a man says goodbye to his wife on her deathbed. We see him breakdown and eventually accept her passing, a very moving and accurate portrayal of anyone who has lost a loved one.

sugardrop- “Love Scene”

Fall asleep where you are. The lead singer of sugardrop performs his version of planking with a blanket, which includes some humorous locations such as an escalator and the middle of the freaking street. He better be careful or this will turn into a crime scene!

the telephones- “Keep Your Disco!!!”

The telephones recreate vintage advertisements for beer, shaving cream and other manly products for this new single in their disco-graphy.

The Starbems- “The Crackin”

Toru Hidaka is back with a new band, The Starbems! Their first single is pretty similar to the Beat Crusaders’ brand of pop rock but with a lot more gruff shouting on Hidaka’s part.

The fin.- “Circle on the Snows”

It’s another grainy video of The fin. enjoying the last remnants of winter on their daily hike. The 80s synth comes off a little harsh at first but gradually adds a dreamlike quality to the song.

Pirokalpin- “Rock Star to Maho no Lamp”

The Easter bunny rides a skateboard? White people do the darnedest things in Pirokalpin’s new PV, which also includes a runaway princess and a matador rubbing a magic lamp. It does cut off at the end so we never get to see what the genie looks like…

Predawn- “Keep Silence”

Predawn sings an adorable song about waiting for a telephone call in this equally cute video filled with animated elephants and cat butlers.

Kiyoshi Sugo- “I’m With You”

Kiyoshi Sugo is a one man band in this neon colored dance PV. Watch out for the creepy masked lady that pops up whenever the track enters dubstep territory. You never know what horror movie she popped out of!

Country Yard- “I’ll Be With You”

Country Yard is playing a catchy pop punk song in a dimly lit room. Seems like the perfect room for a romantic candlelit dinner, but it’s a total sausage fest here.

tricot- “99.974℃”

Tricot felt like being lazy and just recorded their last performance for their new PV. Regardless, a fine “first single” from the math rock ladies.

[Champagne]- “Forever Young”

“Forever Young” utilizes a lot of neat special effects that only the youths can figure out like slow motion and floating and merging objects. Let’s have fun with Final Cut Pro!

coldrain- “The Revelation”

“The Revelation” is actually a really cool sci-fi video about an army and rebels with a giant looming Earth in the background. There’s even a Doctor Who reference thrown in. Will we hear coldrain on the soundtrack to Michael Bay’s next summer blockbuster? Probably not but they totally fit in with the likes of Linkin Park.


Band Links:

[Champagne]: web, CD Japan

coldrain: web, CD Japan

Country Yard: web, CD Japan

The fin.: Soundcloud

a flood of circle: web, CD Japan

Kiyoshi Sugo: web, CD Japan

Pirokalpin: web, CD Japan

Predawn: web, CD Japan

The Starbems: web, CD Japan

sugardrop: tumblr, CD Japan

the telephones: web, CD Japan

tricot: web, CD Japan

uhnellys: web, CD Japan

New videos daily!

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