April 10, 2013

myspace band of the week


385 is a hardcore jazz trio from Okinawa. Miya (bass, vocals) and Tengan (drums) formed 385 in 2008 after Miya’s previous all-girl punk band Bleach 03 broke up. Their first mini album Nomiso Arao was released in 2010. Musically, 385 is very similar to early midori (ミドリ) albums, with heavy screaming and jazzy instruments. This should come as no surprise as Nomiso Arao was the first release on Hakai Music, midori vocalist Mariko Goto’s record label,  and Hajime (ex-midori) even served as support member in 2011. In 2012 Masayuki Hasuo (ex-school food punishment) joined 385 as their keyboardist.

This May, 385 will release their first album Ningen. Preorder it at CD Japan.


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