J-Rock Fridays Vol. 102

July 12, 2013

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Crossfaith- “We Are the Future”

Crossfaith harnesses the power of the solar eclipse to become gods in yet another apocalyptic video full of swirling metal cubes and dust storms. You can catch them live all summer ripping apart the Warped Tour in anticipation of their new album Apocalyze being released everywhere this September.

3style- “My Soul”

Hang out with 3style for a while before one of them goes outside and inadvertently films a first hand video of the end of the world. All we get to see is a giant fireball in the distance before people start dropping dead and the camera falls but it’s a fun little movie.

Adams- “Bittersweet”

Adams have invented a new sub genre of visual kei, “neo sexual”, in which the two vocalists express their homosexual interests for each other in their songs and videos (two Adams instead of Adam and Eve). As for the gay stuff, the only things we see in “Bittersweet” are a few silhouettes and a subtle wink.

Machibuse- 「くちかるい」

Watch the Machibuse boys run for their lives, make funny faces and eventually find their instruments in the middle of the street. Then watch Machibuse do it all over again in this hilarious video.

Towa Tei- “Apple with Ringo Sheena”

Who the hell is an apple? Shiina Ringo sings a song about her namesake in this collaboration with DJ/producer Towa Tei for his new album. It’s a fun little pop song that brings back Towa Tei’s shibuya kei days.

The Electros- “Roller Coaster”

It’s a roller coaster of J-Rock as The Electros’ jam hard in their dark studio space lit only by a pair of disco balls.

ircle- 「嘘つき少年より」

It’s a slow number from ircle about love and breakups as a young man fondly remembers his high school girlfriend. So he writes her a letter…

dip- “Hasty”

Don’t be hasty, the vocalist of dip will tell you all about how he feels and with a mug like that you know he’s serious.


Band Links

Adams: web

3style: web, CD Japan

Crossfaith: web, CD Japan, Omega Order

dip: web, CD Japan

The Electros: web

ircle: web, CD Japan

Machibuse: web, CD Japan

Towa Tei: web, CD Japan

Apple for me?

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