J-Rock Fridays Vol. 103

July 19, 2013

It’s been a brain scrambling week thanks to the heat so let’s just cut right to the videos before I collapse.

the milky tangerine- “Setsunai Dance Music”

Beat the summer heat with the milky tangerine’s winter wonderland video. “Setsunai Dance Music” doesn’t have the synths nor the dubstep breakdowns that have become synonymous with modern dance music, but if you’re looking for a fun piece of guitar pop, the milky tangerine will add some color to your playlist.

mitsume- “Utsuro”

Summer time go to the beach. Mitsume’s new single has the boys tripping in water and doing funny dance moves all over town while the guitars wail to the sound of old teen beach movies.

go!go!vanillas- “Ningen Sanka”

Go!go!vanillas walk around town in this cool four panel rock’n’roll video. I’m a little disappointed their bassist stole Beat Crusaders’ Taro Kato’s look but I’ve been spinning this single since February and am just happy they’re finally putting out an album.

sugardrop- “Breeze Flower”

When your drummer sounds like sh*t, throw a guitar at him. Sugardrop takes things a bit further in this video, dragging his body across town and tying him to a tree. A dark video for such a breezy song but no harsh feelings in the end.

CreepHyp- “Love Hotel”

CreepHyp is trying to shoot a music video but their lead actress is a total slut! One by one, she takes each band member to a love hotel (a place where young Japanese couples go to make whoopee). I can only imagine the awkward conversation these men are having in their van!

Goggle-A- “Karen”

Back at the beach, Goggle-A prepares a snazzy Japanese language cover of a little known Beach Boys song “Karen”, the theme song for a 1964 TV series of the same name. I have no idea if the show was about waves, but the surfer rock suits Goggle-A.


Put down your Transformers blu rays and watch a true apocalyptic vision as meteors zoom by, crashing into buildings and ZEROSHIKI becomes one with the universe.

Cuushe- “Airy Me”

What starts as a cute, Precious Moments story of a nurse taking care of her patient quickly turns into a Maruo-esque nightmare! A beautifully animated PV carried by Cuushe’s gentle, “airy” vocals.


Band Links

CreepHyp: web, CD Japan

Cuushe: web

Goggle-A: web, CD Japan

go!go!vanillas: web, CD Japan

the milky tangerine: web

mitsume: web, Jet Set

sugardrop: web, CD Japan

ZEROSHIKI: web, Amazon

Pool party, my house

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