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September 2, 2013

07 BiS Kaidan- BiS Kaidan (CD Japan/Video)

07 Capella- Kokorokeito (CD Japan/Video)

07 chaqq- Newdays (CD Japan/Video)

07 Hone Your Sense- Tri Jolt (Video)

07 HOTSQUALL- Place in the Sun (CD Japan/Video)

07 Kafuka- Kokyu exhale (CD Japan/Video)

07 Kaseki Cider- KASEKICIDER no ANISONG!! VACATION!! (CD Japan/Video)

07 kataomoi- Kataomoi in da house (CD Japan/Video)

07 kids- Issun Saki no Yami Datte (CD Japan/Video)

07 Lapis Lazuli- Blue Enough To Dazzle (CD Japan/Video)

07 Lightning- Raise the Sun (CD Japan/Video)

07 Monster Tairiku- Jyoriku (CD Japan/Video)

07 musiquo- 日比谷 (Video)

07 Neverlost- Believe (CD Japan/Video)

07 Point-Up- Paragon Street (CD Japan/Video)

07 Revolution9- Believes (CD Japan/Video)

07 Rokushiki- B X G X R (CD Japan/Video)

07 SISTERJET with DOTS+BORDERS- ”NEW QUAD” 2 X 2 = 4/very well L.P. (CD Japan/Video)

07 Seiichi Yamamoto- Lights (CD Japan/Video)

07 Space Boys- Love Will Grow (CD Japan/Video)

07 su xing cyu- Comicband Aho no Saisenten (CD Japan/Video)

07 syam- Mittsu no Kokoro no Egurikata (CD Japan/Video)

07 Yoshiharu Abe- G (CD Japan/Video)

07 Ueda Marie- Kokoro / S / Sa (CD Japan/Video)

14 The Dresscodes- Toriko Anime Outro Tautology (CD Japan/Video)

14 Sebastian X- Power of Noise (CD Japan/Video)

14 Silent Siren- Besan (CD Japan/Video)

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Peelander-Z goes metal!

September 2, 2013


“Action Comic Punk Band” Peelander-Z have proven themselves to be kings of the the concept album the past couple of years with a children’s album and the space themed Space Vacation under their belt. On September 10, they’ll be releasing their tribute to 80s hair metal, Metalander-Z via Chicken Ranch Records. Recorded with era-appropriate guitar gear, Peelander-Z took inspiration from classic albums from the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Van Halen, ZZ Top and Iron Maiden.

“Ride on the Shooting Star” is the lead single off of Metalander-Z, which they decribe as an “uplifting, coming-of-age, get-the-girl” song. You can download it for free on SoundCloud or with a remix of their “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” cover on Amazon.