J-Rock Archives: August 2013

September 2, 2013

07 BiS Kaidan- BiS Kaidan (CD Japan/Video)

07 Capella- Kokorokeito (CD Japan/Video)

07 chaqq- Newdays (CD Japan/Video)

07 Hone Your Sense- Tri Jolt (Video)

07 HOTSQUALL- Place in the Sun (CD Japan/Video)

07 Kafuka- Kokyu exhale (CD Japan/Video)

07 Kaseki Cider- KASEKICIDER no ANISONG!! VACATION!! (CD Japan/Video)

07 kataomoi- Kataomoi in da house (CD Japan/Video)

07 kids- Issun Saki no Yami Datte (CD Japan/Video)

07 Lapis Lazuli- Blue Enough To Dazzle (CD Japan/Video)

07 Lightning- Raise the Sun (CD Japan/Video)

07 Monster Tairiku- Jyoriku (CD Japan/Video)

07 musiquo- 日比谷 (Video)

07 Neverlost- Believe (CD Japan/Video)

07 Point-Up- Paragon Street (CD Japan/Video)

07 Revolution9- Believes (CD Japan/Video)

07 Rokushiki- B X G X R (CD Japan/Video)

07 SISTERJET with DOTS+BORDERS- ”NEW QUAD” 2 X 2 = 4/very well L.P. (CD Japan/Video)

07 Seiichi Yamamoto- Lights (CD Japan/Video)

07 Space Boys- Love Will Grow (CD Japan/Video)

07 su xing cyu- Comicband Aho no Saisenten (CD Japan/Video)

07 syam- Mittsu no Kokoro no Egurikata (CD Japan/Video)

07 Yoshiharu Abe- G (CD Japan/Video)

07 Ueda Marie- Kokoro / S / Sa (CD Japan/Video)

14 The Dresscodes- Toriko Anime Outro Tautology (CD Japan/Video)

14 Sebastian X- Power of Noise (CD Japan/Video)

14 Silent Siren- Besan (CD Japan/Video)

18 Rhucule- Long Vacation (Bandcamp/Video)

20 St Clair- The Epilogue (CD Japan/Video)

21 Ajisai- Keshite Kodo wa Nariyamanai (CD Japan/Video)

21 All City Steppers- Precious Girl (CD Japan/Video)

21 androp- Voice (CD Japan/Video)

21 Buffalo’3- Tarantism (CD Japan/Video)

21 fhana- Que Sera, Sera (CD Japan/Video)

21 kamomekamome- Bedside Donors (CD Japan/Video)

21 Makita Sports- Suitei Muzai (CD Japan/Video)

21 mori wa ikiteiru- mori wa ikiteiru (CD Japan/Video)

21 My Shoes My Cap- Life Goes On (CD Japan/Video)

21 Nightmare- Dizzy (CD Japan/Video)

21 Orland- Because of You (CD Japan/Video)

21 The Psycrons- I Wanna Be Superman (CD Japan/Video)

21 The Rockin’ Baritones- The Rockin’ Swamp Baritones (CD Japan/Video)

21 Strike the Strange- Entrance (CD Japan/Video)

21 tricot- Oyasumi (CD Japan/Video)

21 Ureinomisora- No Signal to the Sky (CD Japan/Video)

21 White Ash- Crowds (CD Japan/Video)

26 Vampillia- Hefner Trombones Vol. 1 (Video)

27 Nadja and Vampillia- Perfect World (Amazon)

28 BIGMAMA- Alongside (CD Japan/Video)

28 Black Gene For The Next Scene- Dance to Rave (CD Japan/Video)

28 D- Rosenstrauss (CD Japan/Video)

28 IVORY7 CHORD- Synesthesia (CD Japan/Video)

28 Jupiter- Classical Element (CD Japan/Video)

28 Luna Sea- Thoughts (CD Japan/Video)

28 SAKANAMON- Hanairo no Bishojo (CD Japan/Video)

28 Yucca- Masquerade (CD Japan/Video)

30 Punkerholix- Tokyo Apart (Video)

31 Welcome Toxicity- Welcome Toxicity (Video)



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