J-Rock Archives: January 2014

February 3, 2014

New year. Another month I’ve neglected this blog.

08 Everlong- Everlong (CD Japan/Video)

08 Four Get Me A Nots- Authentic (CD Japan/Video)

08 Good Morning America- Ichi, Ni, San de Jump (CD Japan/Video)

08 Goro Golo- Golden Rookie, Goes Loose (CD Japan/Video)

08 The Reminds- Itoshi Kimi e (CD Japan/Video)

08 Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzukunara- Kono Sekai wo Boku wa Yurusanai (CD Japan/Video)

08 this is not a business- Welcome to the Tengu World (CD Japan/Video)

15 BIGNOUN- BIGNOUN (CD Japan/Video)

15 Dragon Ash- The Faces (CD Japan/Video)

15 Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- Rave-up Tonight (CD Japan/Video)

15 Ging Nang Boyz- Beach (CD Japan)

15 Ging Nang Boyz- Hikari no Naka ni Tatteitene (CD Japan)

15 Good 4 Nothing- Four Voices (CD Japan/Video)

15 ill hiss clover- Dance in the Clover (CD Japan/Video)

15 Kuso Iinkai- Sora no Wana (CD Japan/Video)

15 Michinori Toyota & mtvBAND- Fuckin’ Great View (CD Japan/Video)

15 Polysics- Action!!! (CD Japan)

15 sakanaction- Good Bye / Eureka (CD Japan/Video)

15 Septaluck- Pieces of the Puzzle (CD Japan/Video)

15 Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra- Toki ga Kanaderu (CD Japan/Video)

15 Sleeping in my Memory- All Over (CD Japan/Video)

15 tio- Toitoitoi (CD Japan/Video)

22 BiS- STUPiG (CD Japan/Video)

22 The BONEZ- Astronaut (Video)

22 Dir en grey- Sustain the UNtruth (CD Japan)

22 ELEKIBASS- Home Party Garden Party (Jet Set/Video)

22 Fuyusuru Neko- Fukashin Ryoiki (CD Japan/Video)

22 kindan no tasukets- Manatsu no Boyfriend (Amazon MP3/Video)

22 LASTGASP- Point of no Return (CD Japan/Video)

22 Number Vogel- Wa Wo N (CD Japan/Video)

22 Odotte Bakari no Kuni- Odotte Bakari no Kuni (CD Japan/Video)

22 SAKEROCK- SAKEROCK no Kisetsu BEST 2000-2013 (CD Japan/Video)

22 Sekai no Owari- Snow Magic Fantasy (CD Japan/Video)

22 Silhouette From The Skylit- The World Will Never Save You (CD Japan/Video)

22 skillkills- Illgenic (CD Japan/Video)

22 Ubiquitous- Reactance no Hosoku (CD Japan/Video)

22 Victory- KGSD (CD Japan/Video)

29 ANA- Image to Dekigoto (CD Japan/Video)

29 Artema- Stargazer (CD Japan/Video)

29 Blood Stain Child- Last Stardust (CD Japan/Video)

29 The Crawlin’ Kingsnakes- The Crawlin’ Kingsnakes (CD Japan/Video)

29 Eadonmm- Aqonis (Jet Set/Video)

29 Egnish- Soulmate (CD Japan/Video)

29 The Flamingo Club- Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! (CD Japan/Video)

29 plenty- 5th EP (CD Japan/Video)

29 sfpr- Evolution (CD Japan/Video)

29 The Sketchbook- Soko ni Kimi ga Iru (CD Japan/Video)

29 Shippaishinaiikikata- Joyato (CD Japan/Video)

29 Shishido Kavka- Wagamama / Miss Misumi (CD Japan/Video)

29 Various Artists- Yes, We Love Butchers / Abandoned Puppy (CD Japan/Video)

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