J-Rock Archives: February 2014

April 20, 2014

Long time no see.

02 elomaticmill- K.I.K.I. (Amazon MP3)

02 Qooland- Kyoshitsu, Chigiru. EP (CD Japan/Video)

05 Blue Encount- Band of Destination (CD Japan/Video)

05 Brand New Vibe- Glasses (CD Japan/Video)

05 Egg Brain- Muzic (CD Japan/Video)

05 Gezan- Deco (CD Japan/Video)

05 Hi, How Are You?- ?LDK (CD Japan/Video)

05 hotspring- Three Minutes Gold (CD Japan/Video)

05 Kafuka- Rebirth (CD Japan/Video)

05 mikinorme- Is Escape (CD Japan/Video)

05 mitsume- Teitaiya (CD Japan/Video)

05 The Nanbatatan- Girls Reteru Talk (CD Japan/Video)

05 NoGoD- Shikisai (CD Japan/Video)

05 The Plashments- Kicks and Rush (CD Japan/Video)

05 SAKANAMON- Insurock (CD Japan/Video)

05 the twenties- Palm (CD Japan/Video)

12 04 Limited Sazabys- Monolith (CD Japan/Video)

12 Kazuramos- Surf (CD Japan/Video)

12 THE KIDDIE- emit. (CD Japan/Video)

12 Lillies and Remains- Lost (CD Japan/Video)

12 Man With A Mission- Beef Chicken Pork (CD Japan/Video)

12 Nobuaki Kaneko- Historia (CD Japan/Video)

12 Silent Siren- 31 Wonderland (CD Japan/Video)

12 Stereo Dive Foundation- Nobunaga the Fool Outro Theme Axis (CD Japan/Video)

12 Sukimasangyo- Sukimasangyo (CD Japan/Video)

12 Super Beaver- 361 (CD Japan/Video)

12 Tabito Nanao- TELE POTION (CD Japan/Video)

12 Taro Kobayashi- Ignite (CD Japan/Video)

12 TsuShiMaMiRe- Tsushimamire Mamire (CD Japan/Video)

12 Yuta Okuhara- Second Initiation (CD Japan/Video)

14 Cibo Matto- Hotel Valentine (Amazon/Video)

14 mothercoat- 5 – 1 + 1 = (Video)

19 back number- Tsunaida Te Kara (CD Japan/Video)

19 Bray Me- Onestage+ (CD Japan/Video)

19 CTS- The Best of CTS (CD Japan/Video)

19 Fixed Sound Tracker- Avengers (CD Japan/Video)

19 Gaba- Enjoy Life (CD Japan/Video)

19 go!go!vanillas- Orient (CD Japan/Video)

19 Hello Sleepwalkers- Masked Monkey Awakening (CD Japan/Video)

19 Hitorie- Imaginary Monofiction (CD Japan/Video)

19 Monica Uranglass- Yips Lips (CD Japan/Video)

19 Nano- Born To Be (CD Japan/Video)

19 Sion- Fuzoroi no Step (CD Japan/Video)

19 the tote- Sanagi Practice (CD Japan/Video)

19 Yuichi Ushioda- Mizu no Nai Umi (CD Japan/Video)

19 Yuzu- Shinsekai (CD Japan/Video)

22 about tess- Shining (Virgin/Video)

26 Alice Nine- Shining (CD Japan/Video)

26 BIGMAMA- Sweet Dreams (CD Japan/Video)

26 Crimson Shiva- Pandora (CD Japan/Video)

26 fade- Crossroad History of fade (CD Japan/Video)

26 Ishige Akira- Dark Becomes Light (CD Japan/Video)

26 Harvest- The Down of Man (CD Japan/Video)

26 Kalan Ya Heidi- Mofu (CD Japan/Video)

26 Knock Out Monkey- Input Output (CD Japan/Video)

26 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Yume no Hajima Ring Ring (CD Japan/Video)

26 Owarikara- Saihate Songs (CD Japan/Video)

26 Schroeder-Headz- Synesthesia (CD Japan/Video)

26 TTRE- Yurayura (CD Japan/Video)

26 Unchain- Love and Groove Delivery Vol. 2 (CD Japan/Video)

26 Velvet Eden- Double Twelve (CD Japan/Video)

26 VA- Rock and Sympathy Tribute To The Pillows (CD Japan/Video)

28 Xero Fiction- Monotony of Life (Video)

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