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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 65

February 24, 2012

Fun fact: J-Rock Explosion turns 5 years old today! I didn’t plan anything special but here’s a new J-Rock Fridays.

ASPARAGUS- “Analog Signal Processing”

Second PV from Asparagus’ 5th album, which only took 5 years to come out. Good to have you back.

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July 14, 2010

myspace band of the week

Ever wonder what happened to that new matryoshka album that was supposed to come out last year?  I did.  And found the post-rock supergroup RiLF.

Calu, the vocalist/creepy looking girl from matryoshka, four members of Anoice, and a couple other people got together earlier this year and dubbed themselves Ricco Label and Friends.  They released era e.p. in April and renamed themselves RiLF later on.  In September, they’ll release their debut album Ferris Wheel on Ricco Label.  One-minute samples of the entire album can be heard on myspace.  RiLF combines the post-rock stylings of Anoice with Calu’s haunting vocals.  Some of the songs are more experimental than others, but all come out out as very relaxing, easy to fall asleep to music.  The violins also add a touch of class to songs like “Mint Tea” and “so sad.”

This is definitely a side project to look out for.  And if you’re still wondering about that matryoshka album, it was announced yesterday that it will be released on world’s end girlfriend’s new label Virgin Babylon Records.

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