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Is the US ready for ELLEGARDEN?

June 26, 2007

Look’s like Ellegarden‘s got a street team for their US release of Eleven Fire Crackers which will hopefully get them more exposure in the states.

We’re getting closer and closer to the American release of Eleven Firecrackers and we want to celebrate! We’re going to ask for your help spreading the word about Ellegarden but we’re going to try to make it fun too. So, starting tomorrow we’re going to have a contest with a new task every week until July 31st. We’ll be posting the tasks in the blog section of our profile here on myspace. We’ll be picking winners at random and they will receive an Ellegarden prize pack that may include signed posters, signed cds, and much more!*

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and joined our ranks of fans and friends here! Stay tuned!

*We’re so sorry but for now we can only offer this contest to US residents.



June 19, 2007

I usually don’t post about amateur covers, or even watch them really but I found this one interesting.  It’s a keyboard version of Ellegarden‘s Fire Cracker.  It would’ve been nice to post the original video of this song for comparison purposes but it seems that youtube deletes all of PVs every other month, sorry.  You can listen to it on their myspace at least.


Ellegarden on iTunes

June 6, 2007

Ellegarden’s Eleven Fire Crackers is available on iTunes for $9.99. The CD comes out July 31st.



May 11, 2007

There I was, in the computer lab checking my email after hours of studying for my statistics final where I read the message “Ellegarden has added you as a friend on myspace.” “Wtf? Ellegarden has a myspace? Ace!” Best part being that Nettwerk Records has decided to release their amazing album Eleven Fire Crackers on July 31st in the United States! They also plan on releasing a digital only ep entitled Figureheads which will include tracks off of Riot On the Grill which is already released in the US. Any one else exicted?


the cool brag #1

March 11, 2007

My CD package from came in a day earlier than I expected.  Here’s a monument to the great Japanese music that is available domestically to American listeners.  I would’ve taken a picture of my grinning face but I don’t know how to work my sister’s digicam.  I’ll just let the guys in ELLEGARDEN do it for me.

Whence He Came- The Shorter Story 

ELLEGARDEN- Riot On the Grill 

Beat Crusaders- Howling Symphony of