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Random J-Rock Updates #9

May 11, 2009

The triumphant return!

-“Layers” from Asobi Seksu’s new album is used in the movie Treeless Mountain.  It was also on Ugly Betty.

-Download Hoshina Aniversary’s “Galaxy” mixes here.

Quixotik covered Aerosmith. lol

Cornelius canceled his North American tour.  Swine Flu!

-Temporary Residence is releasing the Young Widows/Melt-Banana split.  PS: I’m still waiting for my Mono preorder TempRes!!

Utada has a new CD coming out.  She wants to sign it.

-Both m.o.v.e. and The Slants canceled their performance at Anime Central on Saturday.  Sorry guys, no review this year 😦

the telephones have signed to a major label

-A short video of FACT’s US tour.  The tour was canceled after a serious van accident.

I’ll be graduating college next Sunday so hopefully I’ll have more time to update this blog now.


Hoshina Anniversary mp3

October 9, 2007

Hoshina Anniversary, a solo electronic act from Tokyo, has made his new remix for  “Can I Spend a Happy Night?” available for free download. You can also listen to it on his myspace player. His remix for “Alala” is also available for download.

1. Can I Spend a Happy Night? (original by The Propaganda Musicians)

2. Alala (original by CSS)