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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 104

July 26, 2013

Czecho No Republic- “Fine Day”

It’s a “fine day” to try on hundreds of pairs of clothes with Czecho No Republic. Mai Takahashi’s role in CNR has been minimal since she joined last year, but her first lead vocal song is stunning. The song original appeared in shortened form as the bonus track on their Ivory single and I hope they let her sing more tracks on their next album. She’s too good for backup!

kataomoi- “Daily Disco”

Something funky is going on in kataomoi’s new video..the entire band was replaced by random black people! It’s hard to say anything else without sounding racist, but it is a humorous, good natured video starring guys that obviously have more rhythm than the actual band.

Crossfaith- “Eclipse”

In Japan, it’s illegal to dance after 1am. It’s a good thing Crossfaith’s international fanbase has grown exponentially over the past year. Wherever “Eclipse” was filmed, you know Crossfaith will throw a hardcore party.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 21

May 28, 2010


Nothing’s Carved In Stone- “Cold Reason”

I actually watched this video from beginning to end, twice. If this is the kind of stuff NCIS is going to churn out, Ellegarden can stay dead.

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new Kamomekamome album in June

April 1, 2010

yep yep yep yep yep

Here’s something you never thought you’d see, Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald duking it out in a hardcore skramz band.  But where’s the Hamburglar?  The King? Kid Vid?  Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t zoom in enough on the other band members, so who knows.

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