J-Rock Fridays Vol. 104

July 26, 2013

Czecho No Republic- “Fine Day”

It’s a “fine day” to try on hundreds of pairs of clothes with Czecho No Republic. Mai Takahashi’s role in CNR has been minimal since she joined last year, but her first lead vocal song is stunning. The song original appeared in shortened form as the bonus track on their Ivory single and I hope they let her sing more tracks on their next album. She’s too good for backup!

kataomoi- “Daily Disco”

Something funky is going on in kataomoi’s new video..the entire band was replaced by random black people! It’s hard to say anything else without sounding racist, but it is a humorous, good natured video starring guys that obviously have more rhythm than the actual band.

Crossfaith- “Eclipse”

In Japan, it’s illegal to dance after 1am. It’s a good thing Crossfaith’s international fanbase has grown exponentially over the past year. Wherever “Eclipse” was filmed, you know Crossfaith will throw a hardcore party.

kamomekamome- “Naive Letters”

Whereas Crossfaith gave their video a “parental advisory” sticker for English swear words, kamomekamome warns epileptic viewers. It’s nowhere near Pokemon bad, but the music is just as intense as Crossfaith, just not Americanized enough to leave Japan.

Sotaisei Riron- “You & Idol”

Frontwoman Etsuko Yakushimaru spent the past few years as a solo artist, mostly doing anime themes, but Sotaisei Riron is officially back from hiatus with a new album and a washed out music video. “You & Idol” has the same breezy J-pop feel as always with some steelpan for a summery feel.

syam- “Folie à deux”

Runny mascara and naked folks. What’s going on? I don’t really care, but with a sad song like this probably nothing good.

su xing cyu- “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

Hey! Why do su xing cyu need to play in their underwear all the time? Maybe they like having their ball sacks touched on talk shows…

The Psycrons- “I Wanna Be Superman”

The Psycrons get psychedelic in “I Wanna Be Superman” as kaleidoscopic effects are projected on stage. It’s the kind of song that belongs in the Adam West Batman show but I won’t judge their taste in superheroes.


Band Links

Crossfaith: web, CD Japan, Omega

Czecho no Rebublic: web

kamomekamome: web, CD Japan

kataomoi: web, CD Japan

The Psycrons: web, CD Japan

Sotaisei Riron: web, CD Japan

su xing cyu: web, CD Japan

syam: web, CD Japan

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