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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 74

June 29, 2012

Fourteen new videos for your viewing pleasure. Pick a favorite or two.

toe- “Tsuki, Kake feat. ACO”

Since the official version looks awful, here’s the viral video where they pretend to be a cover band covering their own song before it was even released. As you can tell from the “feat. ACO” bit, this is one of their vocal tracks, which have been better than their instrumentals as of late.

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The John’s Guerrilla

December 6, 2011

myspace band of the week

The John’s Guerrilla is a psychedelic rock band from Shibuya. The foursome formed in 2004 and includes Leo Imamura (vocals/guitar), Ryoji Tonegawa (guitar), Kaname Ishii (bass) and Junichi Kamegaya (drums). In recent years Naoki Matsuda has joined them live as their support synth player. The John’s Guerrilla is inspired by the modern UK and US indie rock scene and the culture and art of the 60’s and 70’s. They are currently signed to CRUX.

In 2009, The John’s Guerrilla released their first ablum Seize the Time followed shortly by a live album. You can pick up their newest mini-album United Diamond featuring production by Shigekazu Aida at CD Japan. Their song “Don’t Get Down Bitch” is featured on the Free Throw Compilation.

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