J-Rock Fridays Vol. 74

June 29, 2012

Fourteen new videos for your viewing pleasure. Pick a favorite or two.

toe- “Tsuki, Kake feat. ACO”

Since the official version looks awful, here’s the viral video where they pretend to be a cover band covering their own song before it was even released. As you can tell from the “feat. ACO” bit, this is one of their vocal tracks, which have been better than their instrumentals as of late.

Gacharic Spin- “Nudirism”

It’s a little disappointing for a song all about nudism to only see bare back (although idol group BiS had no problem baring all), but definitely a girl band to look out for. Very cool to see a female drummer singing.

Soulcrap- “‘Too Hot’ Road”

Are you ready for another unbearably hot summer? I don’t know if soul music will keep you cool but it’s worth a shot.

uhnellys- “Switch”

Uhnellys is a rap rock duo like no other. Punch the floating Nemo while blasting away those trumpets.

Turntable Films- “Toy Camera”

Turntable Films’ new album isn’t as memorable as I was hoping, opting for more introspective folk songs like this one. Still good for a cute video about a miniature polar bear figure.

the milky tangerine- “Shibuya Kaimono Kousoukyoku”

Where’s Waldo is alive and bringing smiles to the female shoppers of Shibuya. The milky tangerine is giving away the song for free for a tweet at Social Unlock.

kindan no tasuketsu- とけるんです

I don’t know why kindan is releasing their first album without any of the great songs on their YouTube, but going by this new one it’ll turn out just fine.


LOSTAGE is completely independent in “Blue” after forming their own label Throat Records to release their fifth album. Best of luck!

The John’s Guerrilla- “E.N.E.M.Y.”

Woah, thought this was the new BACK-ON video for a minute. The rap side of The John’s Guerrilla is actually quite hilarious.

nicoten- “Day Trade”

Nicoten invaded YouTube with three new videos this morning. Obviously I’m going to post the weird one with the hot dog eating girl throwing up popsicle sticks.

Sambomaster- “Rock’n Roll Is Not Dead”

The Tumblr kids dictated that I give Sambomaster a second chance and what do you know the boys actually plugged their guitars in and played some damn rock and roll. Not enough to redeem themselves (rockn roll is noto deado!) but at least they’re playing as advertised.

AA=- “The Klock”

Odd concert footage video with a good minute break to show off the band’s drug collection backstage. On the plus side, this is the outro theme to the manga turned movie Helter Skelter, which I guess makes them even with Wagdug Futuristic Unity now.

2side1BRAIN- “You Are Beautiful”

Is 2side1BRAIN a Christian band? I always hear them singing about God and stuff. Maybe touring with Underoath is rubbing off on them.

Quattro- ほどけた靴紐

The sweet summer anthems of Quattro’s 4 didn’t make a lot of sense released in the dead of winter. Now we can fully appreciate it with the blissful duel Japanese vocals on ほどけた靴紐 perfect for relaxing at the beach.


Band Links:

2side1BRAIN: web

AA=:  webCD Japan

Gacharic Spin: web, CD Japan

kindan no tasuketsu: Tumblr, Jet Set

The John’s Guerrilla: web, CD Japan

LOSTAGE: web, CD Japan

the milky tangerine: web, free download

nicoten: web, CD Japan

Quattro: web, CD Japan

Sambomaster: CD Japan

Soulcrap: web, CD Japan

toe: web, CD Japan

Turntable Films: web, CD Japan

uhnellys: web, Jet Set

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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