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May 29, 2013

myspace band of the week


Unkie is a math rock band from Tokyo. They formed in 2006, originally intending to play one gig together, but decided to stay together permanently releasing their first album The Price of Fame a year later.  The trio consists of Tokie (bass), Yutaka Aoki (guitar) and Hiroshi Kido (drums) who have all played in established Japanese rock bands such as downy and Rize. Their second album Too Many Secrets was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini of Nirvana fame and released in 2008. Their latest album Forest Vamp was released earlier this May and is available at CD Japan and digitally worldwide at Amazon and iTunes.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 96

May 3, 2013

Coming up next on J-Rock Fridays,

The Novembers- “Dogma”

“Dogma” is one of The Novembers most hard rocking singles and they invited the scariest looking dudes to pose for the PV. Are they in the mafia or do they just hate smiling? I wouldn’t want to cross them either way!

FoZZtone- “Go Way Go Way~No Way No Way”

A two part video from FoZZtone! “Go Way Go Way” is the new ED to Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and is as fun as any other anime theme. “No Way No Way” is the darker of the two singles and gets a little weird in the middle.

CreepHyp- “Yu, Sansan”

Hey, mister. Thanks for putting the making of segment at the end instead of the middle of the video this time. Here we have a pregnant woman with an abusive boyfriend. Instead of fighting back, she takes it out on CreepHyp’s singer. Productive.

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