J-Rock Fridays Vol. 96

May 3, 2013

Coming up next on J-Rock Fridays,

The Novembers- “Dogma”

“Dogma” is one of The Novembers most hard rocking singles and they invited the scariest looking dudes to pose for the PV. Are they in the mafia or do they just hate smiling? I wouldn’t want to cross them either way!

FoZZtone- “Go Way Go Way~No Way No Way”

A two part video from FoZZtone! “Go Way Go Way” is the new ED to Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and is as fun as any other anime theme. “No Way No Way” is the darker of the two singles and gets a little weird in the middle.

CreepHyp- “Yu, Sansan”

Hey, mister. Thanks for putting the making of segment at the end instead of the middle of the video this time. Here we have a pregnant woman with an abusive boyfriend. Instead of fighting back, she takes it out on CreepHyp’s singer. Productive.

unkie- “Run Sheep Run”

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and ran into the instrumental rock trio unkie in the woods with mouth agape. Don’t be shocked but I ate lamb for the first time at the Outback a few weeks ago and it was delicious.

broken little sister- “A To Fade In”

An Adorable cover by shoegaze trio broken little sister shot while they were on tour in Hong Kong last month. It’s one of a few songs from Japanese artists available on volume 28 of Darla’s Little Darla Has A Treat For You compilation series.

Liaroid Cinema- “Emotional Building”

Tons of raw emotion builds up in Liaroid Cinema’s new single, which makes this simple black and white performance vid worth watching.

Gagaga SP- “Tomo Yo”

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to put on a suit and tie. That doesn’t mean you can’t go to a punk rock show after work and join the mosh pit, though!

Cantoy- “Ranka”

Filmed during their first US tour at the Hard Rock Cafe and Tekkoshocon anime convention in Pittsburgh, Cantoy cuts down their audience with an alcohol-fueled performance.

The Rouges- “My Sweet R&R”

Girl group The Rouges profess their love for sweet rock’n’roll. An energetic rooftop performance preceded by a hilarious minute of bored stares.

Old Lacy Bed- “Little Girl”

A cute video of the girls throwing candy and chips in the air and stomping on glasses. Another fine indie pop group from the Dead Funny crew.

cinema staff- “Bokyo”

“Bokyo” starts off slow, but gains momentum as a live video performance of cinema staff is projected across the city on screens and makeshift flat surfaces.

Happle- 『涙をみせて』

What happens when your lead singer gets stinko? You play pranks on him! The girls of Happle humorously pop up and disappear throughout the video and even run over him with a bike…four times. It’s going to hurt when he wakes up!

Suneohair- “Game Over Death”

Suneohair has a bunch of old school video games among his guitars and foot pedals. Don’t expect any chiptune, but the fuzzy guitars and chimes more than make up for it.

Keiichi Sokabe Band- “Love Streams”

Bye, bye, bye! Eight minutes of hand waving seems like eight minutes too much but I did start to tear up at the end. Such a beautiful song!


Band Links:

broken little sister: myspace, Darla

Cantoy: web, CD Japan

cinema staff: web, CD Japan

CreepHyp: web, CD Japan

FoZZtone: web, CD Japan

Gagaga SP: web, CD Japan

Happle: web, CD Japan

Keiichi Sokabe Band: web, CD Japan

Liaroid Cinema: web

The Novembers: web, CD Japan

Old Lacy Bed: Soundcloud, CD Japan

The Rouges: web, CD Japan

Suneohair: web, CD Japan

unkie: web, CD Japan

The Tumblr of Tumblrs.

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