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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 98

May 31, 2013

Pirates, astronauts, pizza, oh my!

Comeback My Daughters- “Alone in the Dark”

The boys of Comeback My Daughters are back in NYC recording their major label debut for Columbia. Look familiar? That’s because they reshot the exact same scenes in the exact same locations as their for video “Why” in reverse order. New hairdos, great new song.

DQS- “Rescue featuring Kondo Tomohiro”

How many drummers does one band need? This supergroup has 10, plus a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, all from bands I’ve posted about before that I’m not listing off here. Of course, it kind of takes the wind out of DQS’ sails when only 4 of them show up to film a PV that mainly features their special guest vocalist, but I’m sure it’s amazing when they all perform live!

The Cherry Coke$- “Drunken Pirate”

A little late for St. Paddy’s Day, but The Cherry Coke$’s swarmy pirate theme has finally been realized. Grab your accordions and flutes and join them at the Jolly Roger.

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J-Rock Archives: May 2013

May 31, 2013

Toodaloo Stuff To Look Forward To

5/01 CreepHyp- Yu, Sansan (CD Japan/Video)

5/01 Hey Smith- Now Album (CD Japan/Video)

5/01 Jun Fantaheater- Cosmic Walk (CD Japan/Video)

5/01 Kinoko Hotel- Marianne no Gyakushu (CD Japan/Video)

5/01 Sekai no Owari- RPG (CD Japan)

5/01 Sister Jet- 3-1=2/No Limit EP (CD Japan/Video)

5/01 Straightener- 21st Century Rock Band (CD Japan/Video)

5/02 Electric Lunch- Shujutsushitsu e Mosugu Boku wa Hakobarete Atama wo Sawarareru (CD Japan/Video)

5/02 Happle- Drama wa Tsuzuku (CD Japan/Video)

5/02 Say My Name.- Let It Out (CD Japan)

5/02 Squeezemen- Forrest Bump (Jet Set Records/Video)

5/08 385- Ningen (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 The cold tommy- The crime to mme, your tommy (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Expo- Epotion (Jet Set Records/Video)

5/08 fifi- Banquet! (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Good Morning America- Mirai e no Spiral (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Jinn- Rizing (Video)

5/08 Kameleo- Now! (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Qooland- Soredemo Hiko Telecast (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Sanzen- Kasaneru (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 unkie- Forest Vamp (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Yoshiharu Abe- R (CD Japan/Video)

5/08 Red Sneakers- Swimming 7″ (Jet Set Records)

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