J-Rock Fridays Vol. 98

May 31, 2013

Pirates, astronauts, pizza, oh my!

Comeback My Daughters- “Alone in the Dark”

The boys of Comeback My Daughters are back in NYC recording their major label debut for Columbia. Look familiar? That’s because they reshot the exact same scenes in the exact same locations as their for video “Why” in reverse order. New hairdos, great new song.

DQS- “Rescue featuring Kondo Tomohiro”

How many drummers does one band need? This supergroup has 10, plus a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, all from bands I’ve posted about before that I’m not listing off here. Of course, it kind of takes the wind out of DQS’ sails when only 4 of them show up to film a PV that mainly features their special guest vocalist, but I’m sure it’s amazing when they all perform live!

The Cherry Coke$- “Drunken Pirate”

A little late for St. Paddy’s Day, but The Cherry Coke$’s swarmy pirate theme has finally been realized. Grab your accordions and flutes and join them at the Jolly Roger.

LOST- “Blood and Chocolate”

Join LOST in a bloody smoky crusade in their beat up sedan or choose your own adventure with the trash-talking ghost.


Check out some mad pizza eating in the new SuiseiNoboAz video. I didn’t catch any pirate talk, but I am hungry!

Homecomings- “Sunday”

This stock footage video of running sheep and a random 70s wedding doesn’t really do the Homecomings justice, but there’s always room for more all-girl indie-pop groups in my heart.

Haisuinonasa- “Reflection”

Interpretive dance seems to be the go to video for instrumental bands as of late, but Zankyo’s newest signing is no wussy act. “Reflection” is delicate, but aggressive when it needs to be.

Kiryu- “Aien Kien”

Just when you thought visual kei was losing it’s edge, Kiryu spends an entire video sawing off their singer’s head. It’s disgusting, obviously, but maybe you’re into those kind of horror flicks.

FoZZtone- “Reach to Mars”

I’ve been slowly catching up on the Twin Spica manga over the last few weeks (Kamogawa is too kawaii), so FoZZtone’s space exploration anthem definitely hits the spot. Go NASA!

Gesu no Kiwami Otome.- “Dress wo Nuge”

Have your singles ready, Gesu no Kiwami Otome is performing at the local gentleman’s club. However, their lady drummer goes rogue and does some odd things.

Calmera- 真夜中の510

Caramel or whatever these guys call themselves is a talented jazz band. However, I can’t stop laughing every time those goofy English vocals pop up.

ALL OFF- “Little Love”

Man versus food! Man versus food! I’m just a hungry dude. ALL OFF mainly comes off as background music to this man’s epic food challenge, but he finished off the entire table thanks to them.


Band Links:

ALL OFF: web, CD Japan

Calmera: web, CD Japan

The Cherry Coke$: web, CD Japan

Comeback My Daughters: web, CD Japan

DQS: web, CD Japan

FoZZtone: web, CD Japan

Gesu no Kiwami Otome: web, CD Japan

Haisuinonasa: web, CD Japan

Homecomings: soundcloud, CD Japan

Kiryu: web, CD Japan

LOST: web, CD Japan

SuiseiNoboAz: web, CD Japan


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