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so it’s been a while

May 21, 2007

So today is the start of my 2nd week off from school.  As such I’ve done absolutely nothing since -.-  I went to Anime Central (ACEN) last Saturday where Spiral Spiders and High and Mighty Color performed.  Unfortunately, I was unaware that you needed a ticket and they were sold out by the time I got to the booth.  Maybe next year!  I was going to do an ACEN report on my *comic* blog but as it turns out there’s not much to talk about.

In any case, I went to Best Buy yesterday and they had the new Cornelius cd in stock.  I didn’t expect to find it there but I snatched it up with my 10% off coupon.

Also if anyone’s interested DRUM:KAN‘s cd is available for preorder on interpunk.

Now that school’s out, hopefully I can find out more to do with this blog.