Tokyo no Records signs The Questionmarks?

July 2, 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the TNR camp.  A couple of days ago, they left this cryptic message on their website:

We’re currently working with a brand new band…full details soon…they’re from Nagoya and they sound like this.

Which sounds a lot like “Ghost Left Town” by The Questionmarks.  I never heard of this band before, but I’m liking all of the songs on their myspace.  Hopefully TNR will seal the deal with them soon!




  1. Not really my style but I think I can dig it ^_^ Thanks for the scoop, man!

  2. You are correct! Official press release soon, but between you and me the band’s debut CD (worldwide debut!) will be going to the printer in a couple of weeks and a US tour will follow early next year. Also this Fall I’ll be putting out another brand new Japanese band’s debut CD with an accompanying two month (!) US tour…details soon.

  3. Thanks Eric. I’ll be sure to order it when available. Can’t wait to see what the other band is.

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