October 13, 2010

myspace band of the week

With a name like kannivalism, I was fully expecting a visual-kei band.  And they were at one point.  But they’ve since shed that persona and are now touring with the likes of The 50 Kaitenz.

Kannivalism banded and disbanded in 2001 as a visual kei artist.  They then formed another VK band named Baroque who invented oshare kei, basically the same thing but wearing trendy clothes.  Baroque disbanded in 2004, ten days after their debut album was released.  The original kannivalism members got back together in 2006 and released their first mini-album on Free-Will and were signed to major label avex by the summer.  They released their first album Nu age in 2007 after two singles.  Their followup was set to come out the following year, but their vocalist Ryo fell into a deep depression and the band halted activities while he was hospitalized.  They reunited for the third time in 2009.  Their second album Helios was released in 2010 and they have released two singles and a live DVD since.

Judging by their latest single “Split Recollection,” Ryo’s vocals still have that visual-kei tone.  But they’ve got this incredible mellow vibe in songs like “Helio” and “Love” that almost remind me of sleepy.ab.  Their faster songs like “Glory & you” and “Ritori” are also on the happy side of rock.  There isn’t any old material here to compare to but it’s clear that they’re an ever evolving band.

Their new single rememorari comes out in November.  Join them on Twitter, which they joined today.  Buy kannivalism CDs at CD Japan and Play-Asia.


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