October 27, 2010

myspace band of the week

My second favorite record label announced a new band signing and a slew of good Turntable Films and Hotel Mexico news last weekend.  Like all cool bands their first release will be on a dead format.

Friends is a band of 3 people from Kobe and Osaka.  They were inspired by The Beach Boys and surf music.  Second Royal will release Friends’ debut casette tape Young Days Forever by the end of they year. Four of the tracks were already available on their demo (download for free at bandcamp or SoundCloud) and two will be new.

Their music can be best be described as lo-fi surf pop. The swirling guitars are a lot of fun but the vocals sound like they were recorded under water. “Since I Made A Mistake” and “We’ll Never Stay Together” both come from their demo while “I Think I Love You” (download for free at Second Royal’s SoundCloud) is new.  There’s not a whole lot of difference in sound quality between the new and old tracks, but it’s safe to say a cassette release would be natural for this band.  The retro vibe of Friends will have you longing for days on the beach.


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  1. […] Friends is now Teen Runnings and they’ll climb a mountain for you! […]

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