J-Rock Fridays Vol. 32 The Masquerade

October 29, 2010

Looks like it’s time for another Halloween edition of J-Rock Fridays.  This time I’m only posting bands that wear masks.  I didn’t receive any suggestions last week (guess it’s time to finally shelve J-Rock Fridays) so it’s a bit shorter than I hoped.

Man With A Mission- “Don’t Lose Yourself”

Who let the dogs out?!  Er…werewolves.  Whatever they are they rock.

CustomMummy- “UFO or USSR”

Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of DJs Industrial

Aural Vampire- “Freeeeze!!”

It’s a shame people still think Exo-Chika is the only member of this band, because Aural Vampire would be nothing without that man in the skull mask and cowboy hat aka RAVEMAN.  But let’s face it they’re both positively creepy in this video.

Beldgood- “Hell’z Toy Box”

Who turned off the lights?  Looks like a few crew members left set when they saw Beldgood’s satanic clown masks…

AA=- “Greed”

What better way to represent “greed” than the pig of capitalism?  AA= means “all animals are equal” and they’re pretty hardcore.  On a side note you can download a pattern of the piggie mask on their blog.  I haven’t gotten around to putting it together yet but if anyone wants to share their results by all means…

J.A.M- “Industrial Revolution”

J.A.M gets credit for putting metal on their mask…a full knight’s helmet!  I imagine this piano trio from SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS would get sweaty playing with it on but it would be so cool!

Omodaka- “Yosawya San (Live)”

Omodaka likes to hide in his music videos, but you can’t hide in your live clips good sir.

FACT- “Behind A Smile”

This animated PV is the only FACT video I haven’t already featured on J-Rock Fridays.  We’ve got a redhead wearing the signature FACT mask and wielding a sword against monsters.  It’s a lot like Bleach but actually f*cking makes sense.

Peelander-Z- “So Many Mike”

Do sunglasses and plastic wigs count as masks?  Peelander-Z always dresses up in colorful costumes so I’ll allow it!

BEAT CRUSADERS- “Ghost (Live)”

You knew they were coming.  “Ghost” seemed like an appropriate selection for the occasion.  The PV is absent from YouTube so you’ll have to settle for this live version from who knows what.

Let’s not forget about Detroit Metal City!  Buy the DVD in America November 9 from Viz Media!


If J-Rock Fridays lasts another year, next year’s Halloween theme will be visual-kei!   But for now, who has the best mask?



Aural Vampire: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

AA=: myspace, CD Japan

Beat Crusaders: CD Japan, Play-Asia

Beldgood: myspace, CD Japan

CustomMummy: myspace, Amazon MP3

FACT: myspace, Amazon.com, CD Japan, Play-Asia

J.A.M: myspace, CD Japan

Man With A Mission: myspace, CD Japan

Omodaka: myspace, Amazon MP3

Peelander-Z: myspace, Amazon.com, CD Japan

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  1. great Halloween inspired J-Fridays! Loved it.

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