J-Rock Fridays Vol. 37

January 21, 2011

Programming the common people’s subliminal orchestra to wake up and say yes.  Rocknrollas let out a doggie howl that’s wasted on Scarface’s shining head.  You’re in treble, boy.  Tonight’s forgotten story.

Pay Money To my Pain- “Deprogrammer”

PTP added disco to their screams.  Turns out pretty good, even the old man in the top hat is dropping balls over it.

The Madame Cats- “Treble Boy”

Cats don’t dance but these pussies rock pretty hard.

sads- “Wasted”

sads remind me of Dir en grey.  Except with more punk and bandannas.

Each of the Days- “Scarface”

Scarface wears high heels.

[Champagne]- “Rocknrolla!”

The heat sensor’s got their target locked on rocknrollas.  Hopefully that’s not Golgo hiding in the rafters.

the pillows- “Doggie Howl”

Dear pillows, your last few videos have been boring as heck but I knew you still had it in you.  I might actually be excited for Horn Again again.

VIVASNUT- “Forgotten Story”

Long live nuts!

Sister Jet- “Say Yes”

Whether by horse, or horseless.

PeopleJam- “Wake Up People”

Wake up!  It’s disco time!

EeL- “for common people”

This video is not for common people.

uhnellys- “subliminal orchestra”

EeL isn’t the only band with a funky video this week.  The credits are funny.

Joseph Nothing Orchestra “a shine on your head(UFO abduction mix)”

Virgin Babylon has a new artist and he’s just as out there as world’s end girlfriend.

cero- 大停電の夜に

“The night of blackout” is a nice song that will rock you to sleep.  That’s why I put it last.


Pick your three heroes.

Band Links:

cero: website, Amazon.com, CD Japan, Play-Asia

[Champagne]: myspace, CD Japan

Each Of The Days: myspace, CD Japan

EeL: website, Amazon.com, CD Japan

Joseph Nothing Orchestra: myspace

The Madame Cats: myspace, CD Japan

Pay Money To my Pain: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

PeopleJam: myspace

the pillows: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

sads: myspace, CD Japan

Sister Jet: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

uhnellys: myspace

VIVASNUT: myspace, CD Japan

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