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February 22, 2011

myspace band of the week

cero (Contemporary Exotica Rock Orchestra) is an experimental pop band with roots in folk and funk. They formed in 2004 playing mainly in bars. They recorded two demo CDs and appeared on a few compilations, including a Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra) tribute. Their first full-length World Record was released a few weeks ago.

The only thing available on cero’s myspace page is an album digest for World Record, which was uploaded last May even though the album just came out. But you can listen to the entire album elsewhere on myspace for free. It’s just listed under the myspace page of the Spanish rapper of the same name.

I first heard of cero when I posted the chill-out “Daiteiden No Yoruni” on J-Rock Fridays. But there’s actually a fair bit of happy-go-lucky songs here, with a lot of songs featuring marimba, vibraphone, accordion and harmonica. “Nizyuuiseeikino Hiderinomiyakoni Amegafuru,” which sounds like a trolly car ride, is my favorite of those. It’s also fun hearing the vocalist experiment with hip hop on “exotic penguin night” and “World Record.” Another standout “(I found it) Black Beard” is just one big island party.

Then there are the songs that return to the soft-rock formula such as “outdoors” and “Anonoka,” which ends in a pretty epic drone out. They balance the album out nicely. It’s the contrast between the beautiful melodies and fun that make cero a standout indie pop band.

Buy World Record at CD Japan. Download at and HearJapan.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 37

January 21, 2011

Programming the common people’s subliminal orchestra to wake up and say yes.  Rocknrollas let out a doggie howl that’s wasted on Scarface’s shining head.  You’re in treble, boy.  Tonight’s forgotten story.

Pay Money To my Pain- “Deprogrammer”

PTP added disco to their screams.  Turns out pretty good, even the old man in the top hat is dropping balls over it.

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