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Virgin Babylon signs Joseph Nothing Orchestra

April 9, 2011

Post-rock super label Virgin Babylon Records will release Joseph Nothing Orchestra’s new album Super Earth on April 15. It took me a month to write that sentence but at least we have a full PV for the title track now. You can even download it for free here. Pre-order now from Virgin Babylon and get a special bonus CD. Aliens and trailers below.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 37

January 21, 2011

Programming the common people’s subliminal orchestra to wake up and say yes.  Rocknrollas let out a doggie howl that’s wasted on Scarface’s shining head.  You’re in treble, boy.  Tonight’s forgotten story.

Pay Money To my Pain- “Deprogrammer”

PTP added disco to their screams.  Turns out pretty good, even the old man in the top hat is dropping balls over it.

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