April 13, 2011

myspace band of the week

MotherMAN is an unsigned band from Tokyo. Before I say anything else I should address the elephant in the room. After the meatspin wars of 2006 I thought my days of shock sites were over. Until I Googled this band’s name. To spare your curiosity, motherman.com shows a video of a dude getting anal and oral from a pair of transvestites. Cocks all over the place.

It’s a shame I have to associate MotherMAN with dick now since  I can see them being the next big mainstream rock band. Most of MotherMAN’s songs are the easy going, maybe ballad kind. The vocals are very pleasant and the guitars dreamy. I wouldn’t quite call it shoegaze but if that’s what they want to call it. They do have an epic post rock vibe in “Peaceland” though. MotherMAN is a good pop rock band comparable to bands like UNCHAIN and the equally bad named Bump of Chicken.

MotherMAN CDs are only available at their shows. If you’d like some free music they have a zip file with two songs on their website.



One comment

  1. been listening to these guys today. Uttae is a great song.

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