J-Rock Fridays Vol. 43

April 15, 2011

J-Rock J-Rock J-Rock

The Cigavettes- “(Just Need Some Changes, It’s Gonna Be) Alright”

You can tell by the band’s vintage Smiths t-shirts where exactly they get their inspiration. Classic rock for the masses.

The Cherry Coke$- “Rascal Trail”

A little late for St. Patties Day but I never tire of the Coke$ Irish punk drunkenness.

Plastic Tree- “Thirteenth Friday”

A visual kei band channeling their inner My Bloody Valentine? Out of character but quite good.

Love Love Love-  “Cider (Dancing version)”

Love Love Love is not afraid to dance. “The dude is so smiley and happy…I can’t stop smiling myself!”

Low IQ 01- “Disappear”

Spanish guitar and metal!

Apartment- “Devils”


Joseph Nothing Orchestra- “super earth”

Aliens do exist. December 2012. Yokohama. Be there.

Veni Vidi Vicious- “horror city”

Neon. Lipstick. Cartoons. Oh, the horror!

Merpeoples- “Ikenai Rogue Magic”

Baby, oh baby. This is going to get stuck in my head a lot.

Kinoco Hotel- 非情なる夜明け

The female version of The Captains. Nice!

Anti Social Student- “Sweetest”

I haven’t posted any pop punk in a while so have some ASS.

End Of Start- “Waiting”

Waiting and waiting.


Poll! Top 3.

Band Links:

Anti Social Student: myspace, CD Japan

Apartment: myspace, CD Japan

The Cherry Coke$: myspace, CD Japan

The Cigavettes: myspace, CD Japan

End Of Start: myspace

Joseph Nothing Orchestra: myspace, Unsupermarket

Kinoco Hotel: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

LOW IQ 01: myspace, CD Japan

Love Love Love: myspace

Merpeoples: myspace, CD Japan

Plastic Tree: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Veni Vidi Vicious: myspace, CD Japan

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