J-Rock Fridays Vol. 44

April 29, 2011

Royal wedding weekend so exciting.

NEW ROTE’KA- “Iraira Everyday”

Call in the clown jester! I first heard of NEW ROTE”KA when Toru Hidaka’s super group TV Murders did a song for their tribute album but never got around to listening to it. I guess they’ve been around a while. Who could hate the clown?

PeopleJam- “Dead Livestock”

PeopleJam takes a break from dance music for something a little more epic and post-rock.

go green- “Air Pocket 68”

go green did a nice job on their first ever self-produced official music video. It’s from their 2010 album Floating on the Edge that I need to find. Watch out for the cute baby!

GEEKS- “Zatsuon Orchestra”

GEEKS have a Green Day thing going on. The singer even looks like Billy Armstrong!


HEAVENSTAMP has a new EP + remixes coming out and this one is pretty catchy. Better than the Hype stuff.

Paunchwheel- “Mirai”

Paunchwheel made a boring video but at least the song’s pretty.

toddle- “Shimmer”

Toddle waddles around in their video for “Shimmer.” Includes members of Number Girl and bloodthirsty butchers!

NoGoD- “Raise a Flag”

Another clown jester! NEW ROTE’KA isn’t a visual-kei band but NoGoD certainly is (I haven’t forgotten about you VK fans!).

caroline rocks- パラレル (Parallel)

Caroline has some sweet riffs. Expect more from these guys.

SOUR- 月日は流れて

The new video SOUR is not as creative as old SOUR videos but it’s a new video nonetheless!

Analog Fish- “Phase”

Stick out your tongue and say “aaaah.”


Band Links:

Analog Fish: myspace, CD Japan

caroline rocks: myspace, CD Japan

GEEKS: myspace, CD Japan

go green: myspace, CD Baby

HEAVENSTAMP: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

NEW ROTE’KA: myspace, CD Japan

NoGoD: site, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Paunchwheel: myspace

PeopleJam: myspace, CD Japan

SOUR: myspace, CD Japan

toddle: myspace, CD Japan


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