Ashley Scared The Sky

July 6, 2011

myspace band of the week

Ashley Scared The Sky is a hardcore band from Tokyo that formed in June 2010. Julian (6strings) comes from America and Kentaro (screams), Moo (4strings) and Nori (drums) round out the band.  Their first release The Prayer EP was released via Garimpeiro Records last week.

Their myspace includes samples of all four tracks from The Prayer EP. “The Ark Sailing Through Truth” sounds like your typical screamo song with some cool electronics thrown in the last third of the track. “Separation Anxiety Will Never End” sounds like a real raver and the rest of the songs follow suit. Pretty similar to Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas or even Blood Stain Child with the heavy electronic parts. They remind me of the days when I used to freak out every time Tooth and Nail/Solid State signed a new hardcore band. If you need another reason to check out their new EP, Hiro from FACT calls it “perfect.”


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