Stuff To Look Forward To, July 2011

July 11, 2011

7/01 umbrella- Amayadori (CD Japan)

7/02 Ashley Scared The Sky- The Prayer EP

7/06 Africaemo- Power of the City (CD Japan)

7/06 Alfred Beach Sandal- One Day Calypso (CD Japan)

7/06 BIGMAMA- Himitsu to Lucy (CD Japan)

7/06 The ChronoHEAD- Latent Fire

7/06 Comeback My Daughters- Outta Here (CD Japan)

7/06 Frontier Backyard- sunset, sunrise (CD Japan)

7/06 kidori kidori- El Primero (CD Japan)

7/06 LITE- For All the Innocence (CD Japan)

7/06 Mop of Head- Retronix (CD Japan)

7/06 noanowa- Hi! How Are You? (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/06 Olde Worlde- The Lemon Shark (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/06 NoGoD- Kamikaze (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/06 The Opening Cloud- equal (CD Japan)

7/06 Plastic Girl In Closet- Cocoro (CD Japan)

7/06 ROTTENGRAFFTY- Silver (CD Japan)

7/06 Space Boys- Angelina

7/06 stack44- Navigation Light (CD Japan)

7/06 SuiseiNoboAz- The (Overused) End of the World and I Miss You Muh-Fuh (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/06 The Ton-Up Motors- Hey!! People, (CD Japan)

7/06 Unison Square Garden- Populous Populous (CD Japan)

7/06 Yellow Gang- Stay Free Songs (CD Japan)

7/13 The50kaitenz- Rock’n’Roll Sekairyokou (CD Japan)


7/13 Fear, and Loathing In Las Vegas- NEXTREME (CD Japan)

7/13 Gackt- Episode.0 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/13 Mix Speaker’s, Inc.- It’s a dream world (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/13 Negoto- ex Negoto (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/13 OUTER-TRIBE- Afraid (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/13 Salyu- Aozora / Magic (CD Japan)

7/13 school food punishment- Prog-Roid (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/13 STRAIGHTENER- YOU and I / Hitsuji No Mure Ha Oka Wo Noboru (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/19 Fjordne- Charles Rendition (Darla)

7/19 Shonen Knife- Osaka Ramones (Good Charamel)

7/20 Akihiro Namba- Wild at Heart (CD Japan)

7/20 [Champagne]- Ie (CD Japan)

7/20 Flipside- mugixcale (CD Japan)

7/20 Good Morning America- Wall Paper Music ja Odoritakunai Ze (CD Japan)

7/20 Miila and the Geeks- 3 Songs (Jet Set)

7/20 sakanaction- Bach no Senritsu wo Yoru ni Kiitaseidesu (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/20 the telephones- 100% Disco Hits! Summer Pack (CD Japan)

7/27 B’z- C’mon (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/27 Homosapiens- LemonPop (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/27 GOOD4NOTHING- It’s shoooort time!! (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/27 Four Get Me A Nots- Heroine (CD Japan)

7/27 MERRY- Beautiful Freaks (CD Japan)

7/27 Monica Uranglass- Puxa (CD Japan)

7/27 Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers- Singapore Swing (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

7/27 Theatre Brook- Live Long and Prosper Tour (CD Japan)

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