October 12, 2011

myspace band of the week

Uzumibi (埋火) is a 3-piece folk rock band from Tokyo. The band members are Mai Mishio(vocal/guitar), Kanako Shiga (drums) and Keizo Suhara (bass). They formed in 2001 in Fukuoka and the current lineup was solidified when Keizo joined in 2006. Their first mini-album Koi ni Kansuru Ikutsuka no Film was released in 2005 when the band still had 5 members. They have released two albums Watashi no Fune in 2008 and Diorama in 2011.

There are two tracks on Uzumibi’s myspace, “Letter” from Watashi no Fune and the “mono” version of 溺れる魚 from their new album Diorama. “Letter” is sweet little pop diddy while 溺れる魚 is on another level. There is something very nostalgic about it that keeps making me hit replay (watch the album version PV below!).

Uzumibi CDs are available at CD Japan.



One comment

  1. I saw them on your Tumblr a while back, and I’m still in love with that PV

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