J-Rock Fridays Vol. 56

October 14, 2011

The Flickers- “White Heat”

Get down to the basement and hear The Flickers’ hot new track! New band to watch out for.

6eyes- “Delay Boys”

I’m loving the sexyphone on “Delay Boys.” Time to get my hands on Flush.

Wienners- “Tokyo Concert Session”

The Wienners are having a live in Tokyo and you’re invited. Rest in peace with some jazzy beats.

TheSpringSummer- “Sunday”

Real men sew. What?

The Bawdies- “Red Rocket Ship”

The Bawdies wrote a song about a red rocket ship for Pocky. So where’s the red rocket ship and Pocky? This reminds me of the time they wrote a song about hot dogs and failed to deliver on that front. What a tease!

Scoobie Do- “Miracles”

“…a soul tune for everyone who believes in miracles!”

Layla Lane- “POM”

These guys are literally tripping balls. The Jackass dudes would be proud.

Applicat Spectra- セントエルモ (St. Elmo)

Straight from Applicat’s demo!

Odotte Bakari no Kuni- 踊ってばかりの国

Odotte hired the Japanese Thom Yorke to dance around in their new PV. Crazyness.

HALFBY- “Bitch Attack!”

Looks like HALFBY raided Walmart’s Español DVD bargain bin for some big booty footage. I still prefer Caribbean HALFBY over Fatboy Slim HALFBY but at the least the latter provides some entertaining videos.


SiM do not like to dot their i’s. Obligatory screamy band of the week.

Sorrys!- “Stay Gold”

My darling, stay gold. I knew I would get the Utada Hikaru song stuck in my head after hearing this. Nice demo anyway Sorrys! Props on the Beat Crusaders poster.


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Band Links:

6eyes: myspace, CD Japan

Applicat Spectra: web

The Bawdies: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

The Flickers: myspace

HALFBY: myspace, CD Japan

Layla Lane: web, Amazon

Odotte Bakari no Kuni: web, CD Japan

Scoobie Do: myspace, CD Japan

SiM: web, CD Japan

Sorrys!: myspace

TheSpringSummer: web, CD Japan

Wienners: web, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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