Stuff To Look Forward To, October 2011

October 16, 2011

Hey there.

10/05 The Autocratics- Loyalty To The Convictions (CD Japan)

10/05 BBQ Chickens- Crossover and Over (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Canopies and Drapes- Violet Lilly Rose Daisy (Jet Set)

10/05 Czecho No Republic- Maminka (CD Japan, Jet Set)

10/05 the GazettE- Toxic (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 HaKU- digitized Grisaille (CD Japan)

10/05 hare-brained unity- 4 On The Floor (CD Japan)

10/05 Heavenstamp- Waterfall EP + Remixes (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Inoran- Hide and Seek (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Jeepta- Lead-Off Man (CD Japan)

10/05 Kuuchuu Loop- Kuuchuu Loop (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Man With A Mission- Trick or Treat EP (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 One OK Rock- Zankyo Reference (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Scoobie Do- Miracles (CD Japan)

10/05 Skull Candy- Candy Wonderland (CD Japan)

10/05 Spangle call Lilli line- Piano Lesson (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Sebastian X- Futures (CD Japan)

10/05 Uzumibi- Diorama (CD Japan)

10/05 Veni Vidi Vicious- Good Days (CD Japan)

10/12 1000say- Apollon (CD Japan)

10/12 cero- 武蔵野クルーズエキゾチカ (Jet Set)

10/12 Hidaka Toru to Fed Music, CUBISMO GRAFICO to Kushibiki Ayaka- Our Favorite Songs (CD Japan, Jet Set)

10/12 JiminyCricket- Do You Know? (CD Japan)

10/12 L’arc~en~ciel- X X X (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/12 Lullatone- Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures (Darla)

10/12 NOVELS- cardioid (CD Japan)

10/12 SiM- Seed of Hope (CD Japan)

10/12 TheSpringSummer- Stitching Everywhere (CD Japan)

10/12 the telephones- Rock Kingdom (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/12 Wienners- W (CD Japan)

10/12 Your Song Is Good- Best (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/14 Various- Invisible Folklore (CD Japan, noble)

10/19 absentmindedness- She (CD Japan)

10/19 The Bawdies- Red Rocket Ship (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/19 Bump of Chicken- Zero (CD Japan)

10/19 I-RabBits-Freasure (CD Japan)

10/19 Masafumi Isobe- Deliver (CD Japan)

10/19 Matenrou Opera- Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/19 nano.RIPE- Hoshi no Yoru no Myaku no Oto no (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/19 Over Arm Throw- Songs -what I sing when a war resounds this- (CD Japan)

10/22 Service Ace- Just Need the Hope

10/26 Black Buck- Twelve Songs Set List (CD Japan)

10/26 Blood- Elizabeth (CD Japan)

10/26 Kido Yoji- Call A Romance (CD Japan)

10/26 Lama- Cupid / Fantasy (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/26 OverTheDogs- Tokemeguru (CD Japan)

10/26 Tommy heavenly6- Monochrome Rainbow (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/26 Urbangarde- Mental Hells (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/30 No Evacuation- Desert Flower (CD Japan

10/30 Tucker- Tucker Plays 19Post Cards (CD Japan

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