The Valves

October 20, 2011

myspace band of the week

The Valves is a new garage rock band from Tokyo. The band members are Takeshi Kaji (vocals, guitar), Jean (guitar), Junichi Ishida (bass) and Takashi Kanda (drums). Takeshi Kaji is the lead vocalist/guitarist of The Rodeo Carburettor most known for the end theme “Speed of Flow” from the Gintama anime series. From the looks of it, The Rodeo Carburettor may have broken up some time ago. The Valves released their first album Feed Back Club May 28 despite only forming earlier this year.

Feed Back Club is available at iTunes and Amazon. Samples are available at myspace.


One comment

  1. I just bought the album. It is awesome!! The Valves don’t stray too far from the sound of The Rodeo Carburettor, but Feed Back Club is still distinguishable. I rarely watch anime so I only discovered The Rodeo Carburettor a few years ago from a music video. After that I tried collecting their releases. It was disappointing that they broke up, but at least they each are still continuing music on their own projects.

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