J-Rock Fridays Vol. 60

December 9, 2011

ONE BUCK TUNER- “Rock and Coke”

Party time at the maid cafe with ONE BUCK TUNER. Bring your own coke!

The Dekits- “Superduperfolk”

Super duper folk music from a super duper group! I’ll devote a full post to these guys eventually, but in the meantime The Dekits include members of Riddim Saunter, Comeback My Daughters, Frontier Backyard and Your Song Is Good. Does that whet your appetite?


These girls are nuts! You can catch TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES opening for Devo on their east coast US tour starting tomorrow.

The Insect Kids- “ASTRA”

Great song with some cute footage thrown in. A hamster playing a trumpet? Aw shucks.

avengers in sci-fi- “Sonic Fireworks”

Fireworks happen when a young boy shares his ear buds with a girl. This dancing is too funny.

 hydrant house purport rife on sleepy feat. Ferri- “Bet On Magic”

And the winner for the longest and most confusing band name goes to…hydrant house purport rife on sleepy. With guest vocals by the lovely Ferri.

EeMu- “Nothing”

Paint over your memories with the ambient sounds of EeMu.

HiGe- “Soredeha Minasan Yoi Tabi Wo!”

The 3D doesn’t work. I want my money back!

detroit7- “Here I Am”

10th anniversary single!

BALZAC- “Deranged”

The Japanese Misfits are back with their new single. Absolutely horrifying!

Kinocohotel- “Kinoko no Toriko”

Biker girl cracking the katana hells yeah! Love those group sounds outfits.

Psysalia Psysalis Psyche- “The United States of Psysalia”

And the full PV if finally out. Reminds me of the American Horror Story promos. This week’s episode was so sad. Poor Violet 😦

Traffic Light- “It’s Over I Have Seen It All Before”

Melancholic song titles and retro film go hand in hand.

Wasureranneyo- “Bokura Change The World”

Hipster party around the campfire? Say yes!


Vote em up! I’ll be putting together the best of 2011 very soon.

Band Links:

avengers in sci-fi: web, CD Japan

BALZAC: web, CD Japan

The Dekits: blog, CD Japan

detroit7: web

EeMu: web, CD Japan

HiGe: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

hydrant house purport rife on sleepy: web, CD Japan

The Insect Kids: web, Jet Set

Kinokohotel: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia


Psysalia Psysalis Psych: web, Jet Set

Traffic Light: bandcamp

TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES: web, download

Wasureranneyo: web, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr.


  1. Trippple Nippples are joining Devo in NY, NJ, and VA, not on the west coast.

    • I have no sense of direction.

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