J-Rock Fridays Vol. 64

February 10, 2012

Presenting the best J-Rock videos of the week…


Leave it to GRAPEVINE to take a seemingly innocent song and make a traumatic video about a group of men up against the wall waiting to get gunned down. At least they went to “heaven.”

the loud function- セカイのタイオン

If “Rakuen” got you down, セカイのタイオン has a happy ending.

MAMA GUITAR- “Eat You Up / Bunny”

In a total Jack White move, Shintaro Sakamoto signed this  60s style girl duo. He also directed this video and played bass on their new album, their first in 10 years.

Apple Saitou & the Happy Hercules Boys- “Love You”

Kazunori Tetsuka is back with another long ass music video, this time from Apple Saitou & the Ridiculously Long Name With a Hundred Different Spellings. If you can make it, Apple Saitou gets into some moderately funny shenanigans half way through the video.

SiMoN- “Charlotte”

I am not a fan of SiMon’s ballads. Thankfully his new digital single gets back to the weird stuff. There’s even some woman singing in French!

GEEKS- “Minx Melancholia”

The Japanese Green Day is back, this time rocking the bagpipes.

Lagitagida- “Drastica”

At this point, the band I’m most looking forward to seeing at SXSW. If I was going to SXSW of course.

Shit Happening- “Sign”

Not a whole lot of cool shit happening at this beach. Rad song though.

ACIDMAN- “to live”

ACIDMAN is celebrating their 10th anniversary with this fast talking single and a trip to Africa.

The Bawdies- “Rock Me Baby”

The Bawdies have reduced to shop window mannequins! Someone get them a real gig!

winnie- “Forget Me Not”

Someone hand winnie a flower! They can’t decide what outfit to wear.

Heavenstamp- “Decadence”

Considering the number of times Heavenstamp and Warner deleted this video from YouTube, I should just ban “Decadence” on principal. Watch it while you can!


Band Links:

ACIDMAN: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Apple Saito: web, CD Japan

The Bawdies: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

GEEKS: web

GRAPEVINE: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Heavenstamp: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Lagitagida: web, CD Japan

the loud function: web, CD Japan

MAMA GUITAR: web, Jet Set

Shit Happening: web

SiMoN: web

winnie: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia


One comment

  1. Yeah, what was up with that apparition of a Heavenstamp video. Did my head in for a few days.

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