J-Rock Fridays Vol. 87

December 28, 2012

The last J-Rock Fridays of 2012! Just because the year is ending doesn’t mean Japan has slowed down their music video production.

miila- “Santa Baby”

Is it too late for Christmas songs? Oh well, I was never in the holiday spirit to begin with. Not the cheeriest version of the song anyway. This cover is actually a couple of years old, but I’m glad miila (from Miila and the Geeks) got around to making a video for it.

Sawao Yamanaka- “Answer”

Can you believe Yamanaka’s on his third solo album already? Just like his other side project The Predators, I can’t differentiate “Answer” from a standard pillows track. That’s great if you’re a fan of the pillows, but I would like to see him do something different for a change. This is his chance to do something new and he blew it again.

DOLLS$BOXX- “Loud Twin Stars”

DOLL$BOXX is Fuki from Light Bringer and all of the gals from Gacharic Spin. Although their other single and individual projects lean towards girly pop rock, Gacharic Spin’s keyboardist spends half of “Loud Twin Stars” screaming and it’s awesome.

NOKIES!- “Oslo”

What a creepy video! Not only does this guy print out hundreds of photos of this chick, but then he projects video of her on the wall and pretends he’s with her! Actually that sounds like a lot of fun.

kindan no tasuketsu- “Great Wall of Sound”

Another video? I think Holidays of Seventeen is the only other band that put out as many videos as kindan no tasuketsu this year and they’re all great. This time the girls dress up in Santa suits and meet up with the guys later for funny dance moves in the park. Don’t miss the lesbians and their other Christmasy video!

Skall Headz- “Pretty Fly”

Give it to me baby! Uh huh uh huh it’s a rocking ska cover of that famous Offspring song. Leave it to Skall Headz to make The Offspring relevant again.

SEVENTEEN AGAiN- “Sweet Mass Media”

Oh yay oh yay Seventeen Again is having a lot of fun running around with bags on their heads. Make up as many acronyms as you can before you suffocate!

Pirates Canoe- “Guitar Blue”

Bluegrass music from Japan? Lovely isn’t it. Looks like they’ll be stopping by SXSW next year too.

The Crater- “Free Generation”

The Crater is making dance floor music perfect for the black and white or color generation.

The Collectors- “Proposal Song”

Rock and roll in the church of God what business is this? A wedding apparently, but nobody showed up.

Dir en grey- “Rinkaku”

This is probably the longest cut we’ll get of “Rinkaku” on YouTube, but it’s definitely looking great so far. It has a similar art style as the video for “Agitated Screams of Maggots” but without the defecation.

the cabs- “Anschluss”

Anschluss is the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany in 1938. I don’t know why that has anything to do with this song but thanks for the history lesson the cabs. Love that “kill them all” sign.

The Girl- “Know Wow Wow”

The Girl doesn’t want to know what’s going through your mind but they’ll gladly go vintage clothes shopping. Sounds like most girls I’ve known!


Band Links:

the cabs: web, CD Japan

The Collectors: web, CD Japan

The Crater: web

Dir en grey: web, CD Japan

DOLL$BOXX: web, CD Japan

The Girl: facebook, CD Japan

kindan no tasuketsu: Tumblr

miila: blogspot, CD Japan

NOKIES!: web, CD Japan

Pirates Canoe: web, CD Baby

Sawao Yamanaka: web, CD Japan


Skall Headz: web, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr! This is the last poll of the year so make it count!

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