J-Rock Fridays Vol. 89

January 25, 2013

Now that we’re done with the best videos of 2012 we can get around to dedicating this column to new J-Rock videos! By coincidence there was a new J-Rock Fridays every week in January. I don’t know if you enjoyed that but we’ll probably go back to biweekly from now on even though I have to cut a lot of videos each time (I guess that’s what Tumblr’s for).

sakanaction- “Music”

Get your headphones ready it’s the time of the year that sakanaction releases new music. Here we’ve got a bit of a split screen video with the vocalist tiredly watching a cute girl running away from handsy dancers.

Man With A Mission- “Emotions”

When emotions run dry, the wolves come out to play! I can’t tell if their English has gotten progressively better overnight or if they hired a foreigner to sing the verses but this song is pretty tight.

Baroque- “Tatoeba Kimi to Boku”

If you enjoy watching women wrestle each other in wet bikinis then “Tatoeba” is your new favorite J-Rock video. I was shocked by the negative reaction over at Tumblr, but still this is the first visual kei video I’ve watched all the way through in a long time.

[Champagne]- “Namidaga Koboresou”

Another video with a large reaction over at Tumblr (seriously I’d be happy with one like on this blog!). Champagne continues to rock with the help of a lip syncing girl who may or may not be crying.

The Captains- “Shake Hands”

Group sounds lives! Frontman Kizuhiko had a scare a couple of years ago with a brain tumor but The Captains are back in full force with a brand new single.

Dam God Mom- “Shot Gun”

Double the sax! Dam God Mom, a supergroup featuring members of the HIATUS, Soil & “Pimp” Sessions and others, brings back retro VHS quality video with this jazzy number.

Egg Brain- “Vitamin”

Wow, Egg Brain set out to make the most disturbing video ever and they almost nailed it. Wanking, wrist cutting, rape, there’s a vitamin for all your vices!

indigo la End- “Sweet Spider”

Indigo la End loves their monochrome videos switching from blue (obviously) for the band, to red and green for the girls. Combined they get white! RGB, we get it.

Ito Shohei- “We Are Young feat. Haruna Kawaguchi”

2012’s American youth anthem has reached Japan courtesy of Ito Shohei and Haruna Kawaguchi. The catch, the lyrics have been changed to Japanese! Still prefer the fun version but whatever.

wah-wah- “Last Scene”

Damn, there are a lot of girls running and dancing this week! Wah-wah belches out a powerful rock tune while topcoat girl dances in an empty field by the sea.

Kinoko Teikoku- “Eureka”

Somewhere deep down in the tunnels of nowhere lies a discordant rock band echoing into the unknown. Eventually the sweet vocals synch up with the guitars but they’re still waiting to be found.

kuuchuusen- “Sachiko”

A peculiar video that starts off with a girl getting hit by a car while instrumental music vaguely reminiscent of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? theme song plays in the background. The real song starts when they’re both conscious and the driver sing out to her “Sachiko!” I don’t know if it works but it’s good to see some experimental filmmaking!


Band Links

Baroque: web, CD Japan

The Captains: web, CD Japan

[Champagne]: web, CD Japan

Dad Mom God: web, CD Japan

Egg Brain: web, CD Japan

indigo la End: web9, CD Japan

Ito Shohei: web, CD Japan

Kinoko Teikoku: web, CD Japan

kuuchuusen: web, CD Japan

Man With A Mission: web, CD Japan

sakanaction: web, CD Japan

wah-wah: web, CD Japan

Watch new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!

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  1. thanks for the music!
    … but something is wrong whit the sakanaction video T.T

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